Meet The Maker – Priscilla Jones

Priscilla Jones - Artist

Priscilla Jones – Textile Artist

Priscilla has been producing contemporary mixed media pieces in 2D and 3D since completing her degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. Priscilla has since taught in FE, HE and Adult education and currently tutors for the BA Textile Programme at the Open College of the Arts. She also runs workshops for schools, colleges and independent galleries.

Victoria Sponge

Victoria Sponge


Her work focuses on the use of found materials creating pieces that evoke personal memories of her childhood and love of sewing.

Sail Away

Sail Away


Constantly inspired by her environment Priscilla lives on the Northwest Coast of England and working from her studio she reflects the faded beauty of her surroundings.

Priscilla Jones

Beach Huts


Her work describes the soft tones and textures of nostalgic imagery from a bygone era.




Priscilla’s pieces are sold and exhibited across the UK, Europe and USA, with many pieces held in public and private collections. and we are proud to once more be showcasing Priscilla’s recent work as a collection of prints.




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