Letter writing like we used to!

Hello friends

2014-08-24 09.19.08 I made a New Year’s promise this year to start writing letters and postcards again to friends and family. Although I don’t write these as often as I should, when I take time out of my busy day to sit with a cuppa, a coloured pen and my lovely new writing paper I feel calm and I also find it quite cathartic.



2014-08-24 09.19.57






I write as little or as much as I feel is right; sometimes just a few scribbled words on a postcard whilst on a day trip to the coast. These stolen words are greatly appreciated at the other end when they arrive and that makes me feel warm inside. The plus side to this of course   is I now occasionally come home from work to find something on my door mat that isn’t a bill or junk mail!

2014-08-24 09.21.15





It feels great to communicate this way again.



We are currently looking at our Heart Gallery database which, for the past 7 years, has been managed via customer’s email addresses provided. This has been a great way for us to keep in touch and send out our exhibition info to your inbox and will continue as long as you are subscribed to that list.

However, our invites are so lovingly designed then locally printed we have decided it is such a shame that they don’t come through the post and land on your doormat for you to enjoy. Therefore, we are now inviting you to email us your name and full postal address if you would prefer to be contacted this way. A step back in time to how it used to be before life got so hectic and technology took over!

Remember – we do not pass your information on to a third party and we only use it to keep in touch so your email address or postal address is safe with Heart Gallery.

Email us at Heart Gallery with your preference: heartgallery@btinternet.com

Below is an image for our next exhibition ‘We all Cast Shadows’ by Gillian Lee Smith which includes a Conversation with the Artist on 18th September 2014 and a Preview on 2nd October.

front xsmall


The invites are ready to post out so let me know if you would like one.
Thank you, Alison x




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