Meet The Maker – Frances Noon

Frances Noon - Jeweller and Artist

Frances Noon – Jeweller and Artist

Frances starts her jewellery making process with observations, simply from watching the birds around her garden. She likes to draw and sometimes is able to work from life, then she uses reference books to check for details. Frances aims for her birds to have personality, attitude and character.

Bird necklace and earrings - Frances Noon

Bird necklace and earrings – Frances Noon

In her garden Frances watches the blackbird who always sits in the same place in the same tree, a robin with long legs who likes hanging around with her hens, a chaffinch that hops around on the ground whilst neighbourhood cats lurk, and not forgetting the pair of collared doves who build their nest in the most ridiculous place in the birch tree every year. It is their individual character she enjoys and this is something Frances then likes to transfer to her jewellery work. This is made possible by the process of drawing onto the silver with punches, she can then decorate the surface by hand and will file the bird shapes so that each piece is unique.

Birds in Flight - Frances Noon

Birds in Flight – Frances Noon

Making up each piece by hand is very important to her, there is a satisfaction and a pleasure seeing her final pieces when they are polished and ready to leave the workshop.

Bird necklaces - Frances Noon

Bird necklaces – Frances Noon

Frances started her art education as a printmaker, mainly using etching & making images of people going about their lives, doing ordinary things, although her focus on their activity made them extra ordinary to her. Many years later Frances continues to illustrate the world around her as she has always done, although for the moment it is her garden that holds her interest and that fuels her work.

Sculptural pieces - Frances Noon

Sculptural pieces – Frances Noon

Her sculptural pieces take the same techniques Frances uses on silver to a slightly larger scale on base metals and with the introduction of colour through painted wooden plinths. The subject matter is broader working on a larger scale and Frances makes birds, animals and boats. These pieces are fun but are also meant to be unique with personality and individual expression as each one differs.

The Owl and The Pussycat - Frances Noon

The Owl and The Pussycat – Frances Noon

Heart Gallery loves the whimsy birds that Frances makes whether in silver to adorn the body or in base metals as a quirky piece for you home and we are certain that you will too x

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