Meet The Maker – Jo Lavelle

Jo Lavelle - Jeweller

Jo Lavelle – Jeweller

Jo’s work is made from silver using traditional jewellery making techniques and casting. More recently she has added semi precious beads in particular to one off pieces.

Jo Lavelle

Silver Bangle and Necklace – Jo Lavelle

Her jewellery style is to create pieces with volume and movement that is achieved by using repeated forms rather like natures way of layering leaves or petals.

Earrings - Jo Lavelle

Oxidised Silver Earrings – Jo Lavelle

To create her style she uses tags or loopy tags that are bunched in a variety of ways to form a kinetic, voluminous and textured effect that is pleasurable to the wearer.

Bracelet - Jo Lavelle

Bracelet – Jo Lavelle

Jo’s long standing range of jewellery is called Pompom and has been in production since 2001! It has proved so popular it has become a trademark and she carries on producing it alongside other ranges and one off and exhibition pieces. Jo’s current work is characterised by the use of hand cut stones added to brooches and neckpieces sitting alongside other units from my Pompom or Loopy range.

Ring - Jo Lavelle

Oxidised Ring – Jo Lavelle

Jo’s  inspirations date back to watching her relatives wearing jewellery, in particular charm bracelets that move, makes noise, tinkles, and are eye catching. This jewellery was the individual’s personal statement and to her is just as important as clothing.

PicMonkey Collage

We currently have a lovely selection of Jo’s jewellery gracing our cabinets and would love to see you soon x

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