Meet The Maker – Sarah Tyssen


Sarah Tyssen - Textile Artist

Sarah Tyssen – Textile Artist

After graduating from West Surrey College of Art and Design with a degree in woven textiles, Sarah worked as a designer for Morgan and Oates in Herefordshire. This gave her an invaluable insight into all aspects of working in a design studio and the processes involved in commission weaving.

Sarah Tyssen scarves

Sarah Tyssen scarves

After three years there Sarah started her own business producing limited edition ranges of scarves and throws. She works on a 16 shaft George Wood dobby loom (one of his last ones….he was 81 when he made it for her!), for production in limited editions of 12-15 on power looms in Yorkshire. Sarah uses mainly woollen yarns, most of them sourced and dyed in the UK, however Merino sheep produce softer fleeces in a warmer climate – so the Merino lambswool is from Australia, dyed in the UK.

Sarah Tyssen scarves

Sarah Tyssen scarves

In 2007 Sarah moved to The Weaving House – built in 1896, during the Arts and Crafts Movement, as a weaving workshop for Haslemere Peasant Industries. She is very excited to bring weaving back to the house!

Sarah Tyssen throw

Sarah Tyssen throw

For our Autumn/Winter season 2014 we are delighted to have a new range of colourways from Sarah as her scarves are always popular when it’s cold and wet Hebden Bridge!

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