Friday December 12th

Blurry hearts

Combining her passion for plants and all things quirky, Isobel designs and creates stunning bespoke terrariums; re-kindling this popular Victorian trend but with a modern twist from her local studio.

Isobel Cortese

Isobel Cortese

Each of Isobel’s creations captures a snapshot in miniature of scenes from daily life, staged amongst a verdant setting. Her designs are unique and can be customised to the finest detail for us and our customers. Isobel loves using moss in the terrariums as it is great for landscaping little worlds and feels there is something quite enchanting about moss. When walking through a forest, with moss cushioning the floor, on closer inspection you can see it reflects the forest in miniature and it is easy to imagine little people living amongst it. Isobel re-creates this feeling of enchantment and wonder by containing it inside a glass vessel, so people can be intrigued and look inside to be filled with delight at the magical world…we even have a lovely magnifying glass on the shelf so that you can take a closer look at Isobel’s magical and enchanting worlds.

Dec 12th Isobel Cortese

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