Monday December 22nd

Blurry hearts

Kate’s textile design background is always present in the way that she paints and interprets what is around her. She sees patterns in everything; the hills adorned with houses and washing lines, rows of flower pots and stripes of brightly painted drain pipes. Lines of gold thread trace lines through the landscape, and gold leaf changes the surface of her pictures with the changing light of day.

Kate Lycett

There is nowhere quite like Yorkshire for that fast changing light that leaves you in the gloom one moment and in luminous, saturated colour the next. In the vastness of the landscape you can see the patches of light heading towards you across the hills, or the shadows coming ready to drain everywhere of colour. Kate couldn’t live anywhere where the sun shone all the time. The brilliance of those technicolour moments takes her breath away and is forever captured in her final painting.

Dec 22nd Kate Lycett

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