Meet The Maker – Laura Crooks

Laura Crooks - ceramicist

Laura Crooks – Ceramicist

Laura first started working with clay 11 years ago and immediately fell in love with this medium. She started working from home in her own studio.


You will forever be my always

Laura’s work has progressed alongside her own learning as she has experimented with different types of clays, glazes and oxides.



Laura loves working with textures in clay, using everything from vintage lace and paper doilies to wallpaper. She loves the way that adding texture to the clay can give the finished object a very different dimension. It gives the clay movement and a fine textured feel to it.


Two hearts tied together forever

Laura particularly likes working with porcelain because it allows her to achieve the delicateness and movement that she wants her pieces to have.


Always in my heart

She is inspired by materials and garments and the history and stories that they tell. This reflects in her work as texture, purity, movement and the symbolism of buttons.



Laura’s current work shows the texture of the vintage materials that she has been impressing into the clay formed hearts and the addition of glazes highlights this texture.

Personalise your heart

Personalise your heart

Laura’s hearts are extremely popular for weddings and births so talk to us about your special personalised commission….and of course Valentine’s Day is only around the corner!

Personalise your heart

Personalise your heart




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