Meet The Maker – Margo Selby

Margo Selby - Textile Artist

Margo Selby – Textile Artist

Margo always loved working with textiles as a child. There was a history in her family of women making textiles in the home and her grandmother first taught her to crotchet and cross-stitch.

Weaving workshop

Weaving workshop

Margo got her first loom with a setting up grant from the crafts council in 2003, prior to that she used the looms at The Ann Sutton Foundation and the colleges she studied at. ( Chelsea and RCA).

Scarves - new collection

Scarves – new collection

When Margo first graduated she worked as a freelance woven textile designer for mills and so she has a network of manufacturing contacts that she has built up throughout her career both as a freelancer and producer.

Silk Clasp purses - new collection

Silk Clasp purses – new collection

Margo likes to explore technical constructions on her hand-loom, combining fibres and structure to innovate new fabrics and patterns. She is always interested in exploring new materials and techniques both in hand weaving and industrial production.

Jude - large standard silk scarf

Jude – large standard silk scarf

There is deep thought and hands-on development behind every product Margo designs and creates. She is first and foremost a weaver and a craftsperson, so the time she spends making on the hand-loom is reflected in the final product.

Sherbert - large standard silk scarf

Sherbert – large standard silk scarf

Margo has always been drawn to surface and texture and enjoys mixing different fibres to see how they react with one another. She has researched fibres that would shrink when heated and has tried weaving these in combination with silk to create three-dimensional surfaces.  This process led Margo to the silk and lycra combinations used in her first collection.

Liberty - clasp purse

Liberty – clasp purse

Since then Margo has continued to develop this concept by exploring new heat shrink yarns and combining them with more durable fibers like cotton and polyester to create stronger fabrics suitable for interior applications.

Eton - large standard silk scarf

Eton – large standard silk scarf

The work of the Bauhaus designers has always been an inspiration to Margo’s design process. She feels she can compare herself to them in that she is equally passionate about creating a piece of weaving which celebrates the beauty of a woven textile as an artform as well as developing ideas in weaving which are suitable for industrial production. Weaving is her passion and starting point for all that she does whether it be a one-off artpiece or a commercial design. The two are intrinsically linked and symbiotic.

Dogstar - clasp purse

Dogstar – clasp purse

Margo loves creating fabric and enjoys the sensuality of texture, colour and touch. Margo hopes her passion for the cloth enables people who are living and working with her products to share some of that enthusiasm.

Naomi - scarf

Naomi – scarf

Margo started her business twelve years ago working on a hand-loom in her bedroom. Since then, it has grown to include a busy textile studio employing eight full-time members of staff and a team of piece workers in Whitstable, weaving bespoke textiles for a wide variety of end uses.

Auckland - large standard silk scarf

Auckland – large standard silk scarf

In recent years Margo and her team have expanded their range to include floor coverings, towels and bedlinen, seeing some of their classic designs re-interpreted for new applications.

Loom - sampling

Loom – sampling

Having stocked Margo’s textiles for a number of years her collections never disappoint us. The care she takes and the quality of the final piece for us ensures that our customers can invest in an heirloom of the future.

Silk Scarves - new collection

Silk Scarves – new collection

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