Demo Night with Kate Lycett

This little blog post is long overdue my friends so apologies for that … it has been a tad busy through April I have to say!

TICKET24 lucky people managed to get their hands on one of these tickets last month for our Demo night with Kate Lycett and they all had a wonderful evening.

TICKET smallWe wanted it it be a small and intimate gathering in our Picture Gallery not only for Kate’s benefit but also for those coming along … it had to be a special evening, and it was.

2015-04-16 19.20.12

2015-04-16 19.20.23Kate had said she would be a little nervous but she didn’t appear to be at all and was soon settling in to the questions that people wanted to ask as well as taking us through some of the processes she uses layering up her paintings.

2015-04-16 19.38.55-1

2015-04-16 20.04.37 One of our regulars, and HUGE Kate Lycett fan, was keen to study her brushes … although he did admit that he had never picked up a paintbrush in his life!

2015-04-16 20.04.53And our youngest in the crowd was allowed to try her hand with Kate’s paints too which she loved.

2015-04-16 20.23.42Kate’s demo evening was extremely informative as she took us through her research, sketch books, inks, paints and a variety of painting mediums and brushes.

2015-04-16 20.19.19Kate openly admitted to ‘being a floozy with colour’ and if you’ve seen her finished paintings you will understand what she means – they are awash with colour and this brings each building, hillside, tree, canal, river and even chicken alive.
2015-04-16 20.56.14-2Everyone really enjoyed watching Kate paint and they were also eager to hear about her current project Lost Houses.

2015-04-16 21.12.39Kate had brought a few pieces from her Lost Houses project that were paintings in progress and these were extremely interesting to see at such an early stage. It was also great to hear about all the research Kate is having to do for this new body of work.
2015-04-16 21.12.45We did finish slightly later than we thought but no-body cared as they had all had a jolly good time with Kate. I for one left knowing it was going to feel like a long wait to see Kate’s Lost Houses paintings in Spring 2016 but that it would actually soon be here!
11169612_818463434909962_8199004650570800213_oIf you would like us to run more of these events with our artists then please email us to let us know, many thanks – you can reach us via our website or contact



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