Pop Up Studio with Kate Lycett

Did you come to see Kate in her pop up studio in our Picture Gallery Thursday 30th April?

2015-04-30 12.15.40-1This was an informal day with lots of both interested and interesting folk bobbing in to meet Kate, watch her paint and chat.
2015-04-30 12.14.56I should have whisked Kate away to the office to have her lunch however as I think it took her 3 hours to finish the lovely sandwich I bought her! (See, it’s still on her desk, untouched!).
2015-04-30 14.05.13A very busy day with lots to listen to and it was great to hear from people who had some history to share about the buildings Kate is currently studying for her Lost Houses project. (More on that on our previous post).

2015-04-30 13.14.21People turned up with copies of sale catalogues as well as fabulous old photographs for Kate.
2015-04-30 13.14.39Kate chatted to folk about all sorts relating to her paintings and they were extremely interested not only in her processes but with her materials … these swiss pencils are her latest purchase!

2015-04-30 14.04.52This is one of my favourite photographs taken at the pop up by Gaynor Exley, one of Kate’s friends, who happens to be a great photographer. I think I love it not just because it captures Kate speaking passionately about her work but it also shows a couple of my recent gifts to Kate in the foreground – lovely boxes I found for her paints and inks.
Gaynor Exley 2

Gaynor ExleyAnd speaking of surprise pressies – I got a lovely one too from Kate! Relationships with my artists are so important to me, in fact the most important cog in the wheel I feel of running a successful Gallery … there isn’t always pressies but what a joy and added bonus when there is of course! One of my jewellers, for instance, always pops a few delicious little wrapped choccies in with her work when she sends us her parcels!
2015-04-17 16.02.17I have yet to find time to properly sit with this beautiful book from Kate but I can’t wait for that quiet moment when there is no-one at home.

2015-04-18 18.52.44If you’d like us to hold more pop up events in the gallery then do email us via the website or contact us at heartgallery@btinternet.co.uk, thank you.


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