Manchester School Of Jewellery

A few weeks ago I actually took a ‘proper’ day off! Those who know me understand that this is quite rare because when you work for yourself it is kind of a 24/7 commitment if you really want it to work….not difficult when you love what you do of course!
2015-05-14 19.09.51-2So I left Heart Gallery behind and hopped on a train to Manchester to roam around the Northern Quarter on my own. I was supposed to be shopping for a frock or skirt and top combo for my little jaunt to Venice to celebrate a friend’s 60th but I really, really hate clothes shopping!

I did eventually buy a frock! Here I am wearing it in Venice last week.

I did eventually buy a frock! Here I am wearing it in Venice last week (I’m on the left in case you were wondering!).

Anyhow, when I bobbed in to see some of my jewellers in MCDC and book in a new collection for us from the very lovely Amy Wilkinson I heard about MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF JEWELLERY so thought I’d tell you all about it.
BannerManchester School of Jewellery was founded by North West based jewellers Gemma Scully Charlotte Verity and Kate Wimbush. (all of whom have showcased work with Heart Gallery and are much loved by our customers).

Charlotte-1Each jeweller has been formally trained in a variety of jewellery disciplines, and so each brings different specialist knowledge to the  School.
IMG_20150509_130840709_HDRThe girls now run various courses from their lovely new premises at Sevenoaks Studio, Manchester.Sevenoaks The first course they ran here when they opened a few months ago was Make a Sterling Silver Bangle in A Day which covered a multitude of skills; shaping, hammering, texturing and silver soldering.
IMG_20150509_130846867_HDRStudents were also taught how to saw, file, shape bangles and finish silver work.
IMG_20150509_144335649_HDRA practice session began by using copper, with demonstrations given for the different skills, followed by time to apply these skills.IMG_20150509_145445928_HDROnce the skills were refined, each person attending made a sterling silver bangle from start to finish, and went home with a new bangle to wear or give as a gift.
IMG_20150509_162327182For more info on the courses being run this year and to book a place hop over to their website and if you do attend a course with them, have fun and please do mention you read about them here, thank you.

DISCLOSURE: All my blog posts are written from the heart and I do not receive payment or gifts in kind (just thought you ought to know that folks!).


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