Meet The Maker – Jill Govier

Jill Govier b wJill loves to sew and play around with fabrics and words! She creates quirky one-off textile gifts and home wares in the form of purses/make-up bags, key fobs, cushions and wall pieces all of which contain quotes, some motivational, some funny but something there for everyone!


IMG_7158Jill has been sewing and sharing it in one way or another for a great number of years. She has a very early memory of tackling her mum’s treadle Singer sewing machine, making dolls clothes and stuffed creatures from whatever fabrics she could find around the house.


IMG_7115Jill had an old book called ‘A 100 things a girl can make’ and she says she had a go at all of them! Jill feels she was born with an unabated obsession with textiles and what she can make out of them and this has now become her full-time job.

2014-11-26 14.01.54Recycling & reusing textiles has become something of a passion, some of the everyday vintage fabrics Jill comes across are amazing and have such potential! She is also drawn to the bright contemporary prints that are in the shops nowadays; mixing old with new and making beautiful things has become her favourite thing to do!


BestyOur customers love Jill’s work as the words and quotes she uses often strike a chord and they tick the boxes that people are looking for in that extra special gift.


IMG_5111We have stocked Jill’s work for a number of years now but more recently she has introduced lovely mounted prints of her work. Sadly we don’t sell the original textile piece she creates in order for her to produce a print, I know many of you have asked, but her prints are delightful.


IMG_5111Jill’s work is stocked with us all year round so if there’s a particular quote we don’t have when you visit then worry not my friends, we can order it for you …. here’s a Marilyn Monroe one that I love x



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