Colour Me Happy

Well here at Heart Gallery we have all found a new love – colouring in! This is thanks to the arrival of the long awaited Johanna Basford Books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest last month.

Secret Garden

2015-06-26 11.47.41

Don’t you feel that life is increasingly fast paced, demanding and of course very much digital. I don’t know about you but I spend quite a lot of time every day staring at my Mac, scrolling, clicking between sites and typing like a mad woman with so much to do and so little time to do it in! (I’m even doing this now drafting this blog post for you!).

19 - Cover Circle

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want it any other way but there has to be a bit more of a work/life balance and although I have a lovely family to come home to, the garden as an area to help me unwind, film night to look forward to and time spent cooking with my hubby to disconnect from the digital world there was something missing … until now!

91DZfq8qvFLIndulging in an activity that is pretty nostalgic as well as real and in the here and now is really good for the soul. When Secret Garden arrived in Heart Gallery last month I treated myself to a copy. I then headed out on a rare day off to buy some Staedtler fine liners to fill it with colour and this felt just a little whimsical and also a bit indulgent … I never get a lot of time for ‘me’!

9781780674889.in10_1Peeking into these amazingly good value for money colouring books by Johanna is like going through the wardrobe into a different world; one where the mortgage, severe weather warnings, bills, student loans, broken appliances and whatever else life throws at you (including that curve ball) can just wait and take a back seat for a while!

26587F5800000578-2981484-image-a-17_1425578447091When I see the creative ladies at the WI once a month sitting knitting, making things and laughing with friends I realise this is the stuff that makes you happy. This is what we did as children so why can’t we do it as adults? We can, and now I do!

basford2I couldn’t draw as a child, and still can’t, but I loved the colouring books my parents bought me and my Spirograph which meant I could stay between the lines!

basford1I don’t get to pick this book up every day but that’s fine. When I do it’s a blissful feeling of calm and a sort of meditation I guess and I just Colour Me Happy! 

91T53hrM2bLIf you want to de-stress when the world seems a little too crazy from time to time then why not bob in to Heart Gallery and pick up a copy of Secret Garden or Enchanted Forest. I promise you it’s a way to escape, switch off and indulge for a while so grab some pens or pencils and get colouring!

2015-07-13 10.20.28-2We are also now starting to get excited about Johanna’s third book arriving with us in October; Lost Ocean will take us on a magical journey beneath the waves to discover an enchanting underwater world hidden within the depths of the sea.



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