Meet The Maker – Clare Hawley

Claire Hawley - Jeweller

Claire Hawley – Jeweller

Clare is a British designer/maker who uses traditional silversmithing techniques to hand fabricate all her work.

Ash Brooch

Ash Brooch

From her studio and workshop in the ancient and beautiful Sherwood Forest, Clare creates individual jewellery inspired by the natural surroundings of the forest and the environment around her.

Oak pendant

Oak pendant

Working under the eves of Sherwood, the country’s most ancient oak forest, has been a great influence to her and her work.

Oak necklace

Oak necklace

Clare originally studied jewellery design and silversmithing in Sheffield in the mid 1990s. From then on her work has been heavily influenced by textures on metal and the tactile feel of finished pieces.

Ivy necklace

Ivy necklace

This, she believes comes from the jewellery she made for her mother who was registered blind. Clare always made items that felt nice to touch for her mum and ever since has been drawn to bold shapes and textures.

Necklace and earrings

Silver Birch Necklace and earrings

In this collection for Heart Gallery Clare has used real leaves collected from Sherwood Forest, Britain’s oldest oak forest. These leaves are stuck on to sheet silver and used as a template and as each leaf can only be used once, each finished piece of jewellery is literally one of a kind.

Apple leaves

Apple leaves

The leaves are hand cut out and then textured with different silver smithing hammers or engravers. Each finished piece of jewellery has the tree species stamped on the back as well as Clare’s hallmark.


Hawthorn Earrings

Clare’s jewellery has arrived with us for our Summer 2015 Exhibition THE WAY THROUGH THE WOODS and we love her work … bob in soon to see why, we think you will fall in love with it too x

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