Meet The Maker – Debbie Barber

Debbie Barber - Ceramicist

Debbie Barber – Ceramic Artist

Debbie is a ceramic artist who specialises in Raku and smoke fired ceramics. She works from her home studio in rural Leicestershire. 

Raku fired ceramic birds

Small birds – smoke fired

Debbie’s art and design training was in textile decoration and embroidery. After 10 years she changed course and returned to college to train as a potter having a lifelong interest in ceramics.

Raku bowl

Raku bowl

Debbie retains her influences from her textile background. She is drawn to 3 dimensional forms but still retains a love of surface details and loves pattern and colour taking inspiration from the natural world – trees, plants and the birds in her garden and the surrounding countryside.

Large bowl with leaf border

Large bowl with leaf border

Debbie was drawn to Naked Raku as a firing technique as enjoys the hands on and the dynamic process of Raku firing.  Raku ceramics date from 16th century Japan. As part of the tea ceremony tea bowls were simply made using this fast-firing technique.

Raku fired birds

Raku fired birds

Debbie’s pots are strong, simple, decorative forms and she uses different glazes and firing techniques.

Raku bowls

Raku bowls

Natural organic forms are used as inspiration; these may be thrown, cast or hand built. Stoneware clay is predominantly used but Debbie also works in earthenware and porcelain.

Selection of Debbie's hearts

Selection of Debbie’s hearts

Of course Debbie’s collection for Heart Gallery is not complete without some hearts!


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