Meet The Maker – Kirsti Brown

Kirsti Brown - Ceramicist

Kirsti Brown – Ceramicist


Inspired by an addiction to shorelines and the sea, Kirsti makes hand built ceramic vessels influenced by the sea, beaches and cliffs around Wales and Scotland.

Pebble Vases - Kirsti Brown

Pebble Vases – Kirsti Brown


Kirsti studied on the BA (hons) Crafts course at Crewe and Alsager College becoming Manchester Metropolitan University during her studies. She chose the course because it offered a broad exploration in four material areas: wood, metal, textiles and ceramics. After working in all these areas she specialised in ceramics and metalwork.

Sea and Landscape vessels - Kirsti Brown

Sea and Landscape vessels – Kirsti Brown


Since graduating in 1993 ceramics has been Kirsti’s passion and she loves the plastic nature of the material, the processes involved – transforming mud to stone.

Tactile pots reminiscent of stones on the beach

Tactile pots reminiscent of pebbles on the beach


Kirsti’s first workshop was set up almost 20 years ago in Chester, Cheshire and Kirsti now works from a turquoise shed in her back garden in North Wales. Kirsti combines her designing and making time with her jobs as an Art and Design technician, Ceramics tutor and mum to two girls.

Slab Bottle

Slab Bottle


Kirsti’s pieces are fired to stoneware temperature and feature a dry turquoise glaze. She uses a variety of textured clays from a dark red, toasted buff to a white firing clay, all of which react in various ways altering the depth of colour in the glaze. Kirsti has recently begun to use slips to add further depth to her finished pieces.

Recent pieces are vessels developed from drawings of pebbles

Recent pieces are vessels developed from drawings of pebbles


Drawing is always integral to the work she produces and Kirsti is inspired by the landscape particularly in winter when walls, fences and trees emphasize the shapes of fields and hillsides.

Spherical vessels

Spherical vessels


Kirsty’s collection is with us until mid November as part of our TIME & TIDE exhibition.

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