Christmas Shopping for Kate Lycett at Heart Gallery

Cold Snap - Kate Lycett

Cold Snap – Kate Lycett

It’s weird because I’ve not really been a ‘planner’ for many years now since my Mum died far too young and in far too much pain in 1997.  And I also kind of live more for the day now since losing my sister in 2005 to suicide so I do have a bit of a ‘Carpe Diem’ motto.

Valley Gardens - Kate Lycett

Valley Gardens – Kate Lycett

However, working in retail means that when it comes to Christmas I have to be more organised … I like to get all my presents, cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, etc bought before the end of November at the very, very latest!

Red Leaves - Kate Lycett

Red Leaves – Kate Lycett


I know, I know! This is rather early for many and particularly for all those that love the Christmas Eve dash interspersed with a drink or two in a pub or wine bar! (It does leave December the month I can concentrate on food and booze though!).

Woodhouse Mill

Woodhouse Mill


But dare I say it … I’m feeling quite smug whilst writing this little blog post today as I have got all my friends’ pressies, just one more thing to get for my son and lovely daughter-in-law, stocking fillers around Hebden Bridge for my daughter and hubby and then just my very difficult Dad and Stepmum to organise (always the last ones to buy for I have to say!).

As The Crow Flies - Kate Lycett

As The Crow Flies – Kate Lycett


That now brings me to you! You too will all have to be very organised this year if you are thinking about buying a Kate Lycett hand-finished limited edition print for yourself or a loved one.

The Parsonage - Kate Lycett

The Parsonage – Kate Lycett


Each year I dread giving you our cut-off date for orders as I know many of you visit Heart Gallery too late to guarantee your print for Christmas and we really do hate to disappoint.

The Big Park - Kate Lycett

The Big Park – Kate Lycett


This year it’s earlier than usual too as Kate is so busy finishing of her new paintings for her Lost Houses project which launches at The Bankfield in January 2016! (Don’t worry folks we will get the hand finished limited edition prints just not her original paintings this time).

Lower Laithe Reservoir - Kate Lycett

Lower Laithe Reservoir – Kate Lycett


So please do bear this in mind when planning your pressie buying from Heart Gallery this year and understand that to guarantee your print for Christmas week our cut off point is Sunday 15th November!

Lumb Falls - Kate Lycett

Lumb Falls – Kate Lycett


That’s right, Sunday 15th November my friends. Put it in your diaries and make sure you visit us in the next 10 days and leave your deposit with us. We can then make sure that your signed and hand-finished limited edition print will be with you in time to wrap it and put it under the tree.

stoodley pikel

Kate’s order books and her own online shop will also be closed until the end of January 2016 so if you order with us after 15th November I’m sorry but you will not get your print until March 2016 x

Stepping Stones - Kate Lycett

Stepping Stones – Kate Lycett

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