December 17th 2015

Blurry hearts

Alison is from Lincolnshire and specialises in hand made original prints in a variety of methods including screenprints, etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and aquatinting.

Her subject matter is quirky, fun and mainly animal humour, but always different. Although Alison loves all forms of printmaking, her current favourite is the woodcut, and she attacks her plates quite brutally at times. She is always surprised at how simple they are; just a few lines to denote the essentials.

Alison likes the hands-on nature of producing a plate and its immediacy, she doesn’t keep highly detailed sketchbooks etc as she uses the plate rather than paper to work out ideas.

We have showcased Alison’s work for over 7 years now so she has established herself as a firm favourite in Hebden Bridge with our regulars who collect her lino prints, screen prints, etchings and woodcuts.

Dec 17th Alison Read

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