December 21st 2015

Blurry hearts

We’ve had a lovely year with Kate Lycett again; the launch of her latest work in Spring ‘WATER & LIGHT’ was just amazing – thank you to all our lovely customers and collectors who made that evening so special.

If you’ve not discovered Kate’s work yet … where have you been?

Kate’s textile design background is always present in the way that she paints and interprets what is around her. She sees patterns in everything; the hills adorned with houses and washing lines, rows of flower pots and stripes of brightly painted drain pipes. Lines of gold thread trace lines through the landscape, and gold leaf changes the surface of her pictures with the changing light of day.

Kate paints beautiful pictures of the places that she loves … and what’s not to love about Yorkshire?

Keep you eye on this blog for news of Kate’s next project LOST HOUSES … it’s a beauty x

Dec 21st Kate Lycett

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