Calderdale Rising

Hello my friends

Just bobbing in to write a little blog post about this Crowdfunder I am involved with and to ask for your support … whatever you can pledge will really make a difference to the businesses that will benefit.

LOGO for PRHere’s my short story as to why I need your help, thank you for listening:


I opened my doors in Hebden Bridge in September 2006 so this year I will be 10! My mission was to support local and UK makers/designers/artists by showcasing their work in a beautiful and inviting space and promoting the very Best of British.

Kirsty and Angela meeting in Heart Gallery

Two of my favourite artists Kirsty Elson and Angela Smyth meeting in Heart Gallery for our Autumn 2015 Exhibition TIME & TIDE


When I started on this journey I was working with less than 30 makers/designers/artists and now I work with more than 100 at any one time throughout the year …. many of them permanently showcase their new collections at Heart Gallery and are now also good friends.

Kate and myself relaxing a little as the evening calmed from about 8pm - my favourite photo of the night

Me and Kate Lycett, my much loved local artist at her launch of WATER & LIGHT in Spring 2015


The reason for this is simple; I have a great relationship with my artists. Without them I wouldn’t have my beautiful building (an old Baptist Chapel Grade II Listed) filled with so much beautiful work. The renowned reputation I have brings visitors from far and wide not only to Heart Gallery but to Hebden Bridge itself supporting our thriving local economy made up of many small independent businesses like myself.

Busy Exhibitions

At busy launches I quite often involve other local businesses such as the very lovely Ursula Holden-Gill who delights customers with stories in our lovely garden


Because of its age (1777) my building has taken a right battering by the dirty flood waters of Boxing Day and will need time to put it right and dry it out before I can even begin to think about the refit. I also have to think about future proofing it against further floods in Hebden Bridge which will not be covered by any insurance.

Evening previews are so magical

Evening previews are so magical


I don’t have a selling website so cannot trade until I am open and I have 3 beautiful, creative girls who work with me that I cannot afford to lose so I am still paying their wages so they can support themselves whilst we stitch Heart Gallery back together.

Together we are working through all the post flood trauma, stocktaking, contacting our makers/designers/artists to keep them up-to-date with developments and passing on the heartbreaking news about damages. Together we will make it through…and with your help we can make Heart Gallery even more beautiful than it was before if that’s even possible! So my friends, customers, supporters of the creative industry please follow this link for Calderdale Rising and pledge whatever you can to help to secure a future for Heart Gallery and our community, thank you

Heart Gallery

When the dirty flood waters washed away they did not take our Heart with them … we will be back my friends x

This is one HEART that just gets stronger x

This is one HEART that just gets stronger  – artwork kindly done for us by local artist and friend Angela Smyth x


By the way, there is also a knock on effect from Heart Gallery being closed for such a long time to local artist Heather Wilson who rented a small room in Heart Gallery so customers could commission work from her. She now has no presence in Hebden Bridge and also needs your support so do please contact her via her website or Facebook page


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