The ‘RIP OUT’ team

The thought of having Heart Gallery ‘ripped out’ is really making me ill and perhaps this team should not really be called the ‘Rip Out’ team but anyway here’s the first update I promised you my friends.


Meet Len and his boys!

These guys turned up this last week a month after Heart Gallery was filled with over 3ft of dirty, sewage flood waters when our lovely town was devastated by the awful Boxing Day floods that hit Calderdale. We had spent the last 4 weeks emptying all our rooms to clear the way for them so we were actually quite glad to see them believe it or not!

So sad to see our reclaimed wooden floor gone!

Our lovely reclaimed wooden floor had to be removed throughout as their first job and the saddest bit about this was knowing a wooden floor could not be put back down if we wanted to be more flood resilient moving forward.

main gallery
The Picture Gallery looked very odd without its floor but then pretty strange once the boys started to knock off the plaster all the way round as well….just the lovely hand printed banner by our local artist Julia Ogden was a reminder of how it was when we locked up at 4pm on Christmas Eve!

picture gallery

picture gallery 2
The artist Studio where Heather Wilson had her studio for over 8 years looked grim too with all the meters and pipes exposed and the floor joists in a sorry, soggy state.

Heather's studio
A few skips later and the boys leave Heart Gallery so they can hand over to the ‘Drying Team’ who will hopefully arrive on Monday. If you think this pile of wood looks big you should have seen it before!

pile of wood
Just waiting now for Calderdale Council to collect this so at least it will look a little tidier in our garden!

The worst news we have had this week is the discovery of a structural problem that may or may not be connected to the Boxing Day floods and we won’t find out about this until we’ve taken some advice this next week so please keep your fingers crossed my friends that it is something that can be easily rectified thank you.

LOGO for PRPlease look out for our next update and if you are wanting to help in anyway then we are part of this Crowdfunder that has been set up to help us and many other small businesses in Calderdale … lots of those are in Hebden Bridge too. Hebden Bridge does rely on the visitor economy and so our town needs to be back on its feet soon and although I know I will more than likely be one of the last small businesses to open this year I also know you will all be back to support me so thank you from the bottom of my heart x

Heart Gallery


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