Welcome my friends to another little blog post relating to our journey since the Boxing Day floods as we stitch Heart Gallery back together slowly!

After a few little hiccups (well massive ones actually), including finding this cracked wall hidden behind some shelving, we were finally allowed to start to dry out the building.

2016-02-01 15.38.15
It’s still really hard to imagine the gorgeous hardwood floor that was once covering all this rubble. Now Heart Gallery is totally stripped back it feels like its former beautiful self is such a distant memory sadly.

2016-02-04 14.00.29
But the visqueen membrane now covers the cleaned out floor and the big machines have been brought in to do their job. (They took me right back to sitting with my daughter watching the Teletubbies as they look a bit like Noo Noo!).

2016-02-04 14.02.27
We are hoping it will only take 3-4 weeks now to achieve the dry levels we need for our certificate and then the reinstatement work can begin finally.
2016-02-04 14.04.13
I can see the building is still pretty wet nearly 7 weeks on but these walls are big, thick ones, built to last so they will take time to dry.

2016-02-04 14.47.45-1
But inside, with all 12 blowers and dehumidifiers doing their thing it is starting to feel dryer and most certainly warmer!

2016-02-04 14.03.02

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