Water Woes

Good morning my friends, I hope you are all well and enjoying this little glimpse of summer we are being treated to finally. Sorry to have been a little quiet on the updates but we had a bit of a problem to deal with a couple of weeks ago and it’s thrown me off track a bit.

garnett street 3am

A friend rang me at 6am Sunday 24th April to say Garnett Street had a burst water pipe and it may have affected me! For those that don’t know, Garnett Street is behind Market Street but above us and all that water that began to gush out of the large hole in the pipe around 3am went into the residential property above and through our ceiling!

damaged plaster bags



love room ceiling
What was sickening was we were on track with our renovations! On the Friday we had the insulation put into the ceilings and all the fire proof plaster boards for the ceiling delivered along with the bags of plaster ready for West End to crack on with it on Monday!

ruined plasterboard

more bags

Instead the boys came to work Monday morning and had to remove all the ruined boards, insulation and bags and tip them as they were water logged and useless! None of us could believe what had happened and it was a very difficult morning for us all to be honest.

hole size
The hole was a pretty big one in a pretty old pipe but to be fair Yorkshire Water were on the scene by the time I arrived in Hebden Bridge and had dealt with it as quickly as was feasibly possible. They had been made aware of the problem around 3am when their equipment up at Dodnaze warned them of a leak somewhere between there and Todmorden! Tracked down to Garnett Street by neighbours awoken by the sound of rushing water they had isolated the problem, dug up the road and the new pipe was on its way!

mended pipe
The home above us was thankfully not occupied as it had been sold at the end of March but our new buyers had yet to move in … although there were quite a few soggy carpets to remove! Again Yorkshire Water organised a cleaning company who got onto this straight away and also sent us some blowers to dry out Heart Gallery as our screed was due to be done Friday and the building had to be dry!

dryers arrive
Picture Gallery 2

Picture Gallery
I do hope our water woes are now all behind us and if the pipe was going to burst then at least it burst now whilst we are stitching the building back together!

stay positive
I saw this whilst cleaning up the mess and it really made me smile. There is always a positive in a situation, it may not be apparent immediately but it is always there. That week was another week of stressful situations for us and it has affected our renovations but it’s behind us now and we have all done our best xXx


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