Render, Plaster and hard graft!

So a little update for you my friends to keep you posted on our beautiful building. Slowly stitching it back together is actually the right way to do it to be honest, as frustrating as it feels at times!

The sand arrived … and there was so much of it I felt a castle coming on but I refrained! My castle will be once more but for now it is just in my head … and on bits of paper in my notebook!

serious kit
Some serious kit was needed as well to get around the space safely.

busy mixing
Some serious mixing went on too … it made me start to think of cakes!

waterproof render
The waterproof render went on first as we had already made the decision not to bring plaster boards in unless they were fire proof ones for the ceiling so there will be less to knock off next time!

waterproof render 3
waterproof render 2
The waterproof plastering followed once this dried through and then the spaces started to feel real once more. Once the top skim was on then … wow!
waterproof plaster layer

waterproof plaster 2
The drying process cannot be hurried as we don’t want anything to crack and cause problems so it is a waiting game.
drying 2
drying 4
We have got more blowers in to gently circulate the air to aid the drying because after the burst water pipe we are now behind our schedule.
drying 3
Because the drying process is slower than we anticipated we now have to move everything round to try and claw back some days. So this week instead of the decorator starting we have the new floor going in. This should have been the last job and one of my last blog posts but needs must my friends, needs must!

The guys have worked so hard recently and look … they have had to rebuild our flood shelf which the burst water pipe brought down … they deserve a medal!

It’s all in the detail! Floor blog post coming soon so stay tuned  and thank you for sharing my journey with me and with others … pass it on x


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