Talking Dirty!

Just a quick little post here to talk about dirty windows!

2016-03-29 10.15.42-1
One of the indirectly affected businesses after the flooding on Boxing Day was our local happy chappy, window cleaner! All of a sudden in Hebden Bridge, there were no windows to clean as there were not many businesses open so it was the last thing on our minds!

I’m not sure everyone has fully appreciated how much this awful flood has impacted on others and how long it will take to get over it and get back to some sort of normality financially.Finally though, over 5 months later, I made that call ‘Dave, I need you!’

Dave was round straight away to start scraping all the grime off my beautiful big windows and Dave and his pal took over 2 hours to do 5 windows inside and out.

It really wasn’t an easy job but these lads never complain and they just took it in their stride and cracked on.

At last I can see! (The garden will be another big job ….. Michael, I’m calling you soon!)

They will need doing again just before I re-open but what a difference. Job well done Dave, thanks and welcome back! x


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