Still lots to do!

I don’t know about you my friends but I am ready for the home stretch! Not sure we are quite there yet as there is still lots to do but here’s a little update for you to whet your appetite.

drying out plaster
We are still drying out the plaster after the burst water pipe on Garnett Street back in April which we really could have done without as this has knocked us right back with our schedule of work sadly.

still drying out 2
It is taking its time to dry and you can’t rush these things but it is rather frustrating.  We had to have a re-shuffle of works so that we didn’t get too far behind  so everything is a little out of sync!

big ladders
Our new floor is down but it’s hidden under these sheets so they don’t get damaged as this should have been our last job before bringing in our salvaged (but renovated) old furniture and some lovely new pieces.

prep begins
The prep has begun on the walls and ceilings by our fab team of contractors, West End Joiners and Builders … affectionately called my West End Boys!

so much still to do 2
But it’s now the Bank Holiday weekend so time for a chill before getting back on it and hopefully making up some much needed ground this next week.

West End Boys
Please dip in to this blog again for another wee update and perhaps next week I can announce the opening date … fingers and toes are crossed right now!


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