Call in the painters!

Well my friends we have had a busy few weeks since the last post so here is a wee update for you:

Laycocks getting started
West End Joiners & Builders called the painters in a couple of weeks ago so the boys at Laycocks turned up to put in some hours.

James was there every day prepping, filling, sanding and painting; mist coat, first coat, second coat … there are so many walls I think he must have ended up dreaming in pink and grey!little fan
big door
jewellery room
I then called in another local firm, Eco Deco, to come and spruce up the outside for me and Charlie turned up cap in one hand and paint brush in the other … so much to do, so little time!

I think I should point out here too that that rose bush is the best it has ever been with so many blooms on it I’m gutted not to be open and enjoying their display!

exterior 2
Without giving too much away also behind the scenes my hubby and I were busy with some rather lovely wallpaper from Hannah Nunn…all will be revealed soon but Hannah has been extremely supportive and helpful!

Another local company I am working with for our re-opening is Wood & Wire who are making me some new jewellery cabinets along with some finishing touches from Vince at Abacus Framing.
frames abacus
Oopsie! Sneaky peek my friends … but that’s all your getting for now xXx

2 thoughts on “Call in the painters!

  1. Oh how exciting! It all looks wonderful and I wish I could be there to see you open The end is in sight. Oh yes, and I’m sure the roses will still be there! Love T xxx

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