It’s here! We are on the home stretch!

This has felt such a long time coming my friends but in my head I always had the Arts Festival to aim for. Even though it was a date I didn’t want to write down, advertise or put on social media it was the date that has kept me sane since Boxing Day. Why? Because as a proud supporter I have not missed one yet since opening Heart Gallery on Market Street nearly 10 years ago. Check out this year’s programme here Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.

Arts Festival brochure advert small
Our West End Boys handed the building back to us on Friday 10th June all stitched back together again and we are so chuffed. We do still have drying out issues which are related to our burst water pipe you probably read about (Water Woes) but this does not reflect on West End Joiners & Builders. These guys have been so amazing to deal with, I am so glad I fought the Insurance Company for local contractors. They have been professional, thorough, shown empathy to the situation, found solutions to access problems efficiently, project managed their team seamlessly and communicated at all times so I never felt that it wasn’t my project. Paul, Michael and Bob were so disappointed to have to hand over with some decorating still to do once we are completely dry but they reassured me they would be monitoring it for me in their own time – job well done lads, party at mine soon!

cleaning the floor
After they sent the cleaners in to reveal and clean the new floor I could call local firm Howarths to collect all our salvaged and renovated furniture (more on this later this week) and it was time to start unpacking everything.

unpackingWithout giving too much away here are some photos of some of the details we love about the new Heart Gallery and you will have to wait until the 24th June to see them in the flesh my friends:

renovated cabinets

flood shelf
gold cabinet
hannah nunn paper
Remember the date for your diary my friends and start saving your pennies … we will re-open FRIDAY 24TH JUNE AT 10.30 AM

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