Yay! We’re back my friends, we’re back!


This is just a little blog post for you as the first week since re-opening has been simply fantastic and just a bit overwhelming!


I really wanted to just dip in here to say thank you to all those that visited over the Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas weekend making our Saturday one of the BEST EVER! It was amazing and we were so happy to see Hebden Bridge buzzing and full of people supporting this event and getting into the spirit of Christmas in June!


Well done to everyone who played a part in running with the Alternative Christmas idea and turning it into a reality 6 months after the devastating floods to our area; job well done Jason Elliott, Kerry Wheelwright and all of Santa’s little helpers!


Another big thank you to all of our loyal customers, our artists and friends that have so far visited since we re-opened to offer their words of love, support and encouragement making the very difficult and stressful last 6 months feel so worth it.


It has been very emotional at times, and there have been lots of tears, but they have been happy tears and we have all cried together. Some reactions to our new look Heart Gallery interior have been priceless and although not captured on camera will be remembered forever, thank you.


Family and friends have brought blooms, fizz, florentines as well as helping me out by serving chilled spiced wine and mince pies so another HUGE thank you to you … couldn’t have got through without you all.




Artists that have become good friends have shared the last 6 months with me, been part of my journey, so I know how happy they are that the Heart Gallery doors are well and truly OPEN FOR BUSINESS.




If you’ve not visited yet, please do – we can’t wait to see you xXx


2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. So happy to see you back in business, your gallery is looking more beautiful than ever and your pieces divine. HEARTwarming, much love XXxxxx

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