Meet The Maker – Bronwen Tyler-Jones

Bronwen Tyler-Jones

Bronwen studied at Birmingham School of Jewellery gaining both a BA and MA in Silversmithing and Jewellery. Since leaving in 1996 she has been making her Metalwork Inventions and range of Jewellery from her workshop in Hereford. It was the same year that Bronwen began work at the Hereford College of Arts running the Jewellery workshop and 20 years later she is still happily doing both.

pressed heart pendantsThe inspirations for her pieces are taken from a diverse range of influences such as comedy, mechanical components, symbols, movement and text. Words and narrative derived from all areas play an essential role in the thought process and construction of her pieces; one word or phrase can spark off a whole range of ideas. More recently her children Eva and Fred have been the source of great inspiration and as a result everything is a little more ‘rose tinted’.


The processes and techniques that Bronwen uses to produce her work include etching, press-forming, patination, stamping and embossing and a lot of soldering! She works in both precious and non-precious metals and enjoys the diversity the range of materials gives her.

Etched oval Neck

Bronwen’s aim is to produce pieces that can be handled or worn on a daily basis. Each piece has a unique character that is further developed through the personality of the ‘owner’.

stack of letter rings

We have worked with Bronwen since 2008 and many of our customers now wear a unique piece of commissioned jewellery with its own personal message. Bronwen has made 18th Birthday pressies, ‘Marry Me’ rings, hand-fasting and wedding rings and special mummy gifts celebrating the arrival of long awaited babies; each piece made with love, given with love and precious to its owner.

tiny candle

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