Meet The Maker – Jillian Riley

Jillian Riley sml

Drawing inspiration from her love of flora and fauna, an interest in mythology and things just a little on the dark
side Jillian has created a collection of bottles with a twist.

Heart-01 low res

Jillian takes old poison and scientific bottles and slip casts them in parian or porcelain clay.

JR-04 low res

Some may be decorated with oxides, waxes and her own pencil and pen & ink illustrations of bugs, birds and poisonous plants.

J-Riley-03 low res

Some will become more sculptural. Using reclaimed woods Jillian will turn stoppers to support individually sculpted porcelain birds. Using a mixture of her own silver work and ‘lost and unloved’ items she will decorate each bottle to fit the character of the bird.

JR-09 low res

By the nature of the way Jillian creates the bottles your piece will be unique which is what we love about Jillian’s work here at Heart Gallery.

JR-06 low res

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