Meet The Maker – Aimee Furnival

Aimee Furnival

Aimée Furnival set up Another Studio in 2009 with the aim to produce beautifully designed, stylish gift and homeware products.


Each range offers something original and unexpected, be it pop-up growing kits, three dimensional stationery, architectural model kits or hand folded steel vases.


Inspiration is drawn from architecture, cities, ephemera, botanics, historic styles and fabrication.


Also inspired by origami Aimee loves to work with sheet material; be it paper, metal or wood. Aimee and her design team get really excited by the challenges of transforming something flat into a 3D form. They innovate by combining traditional materials with modern production methods and mix machine and handmade processes.

Lifestyle_trio3The Convert Vase are a trio of multi faceted vessels made from a flat sheet of steel. Each sheet is carefully folded and converted into shape by hand in the studio. The surface of the vases have a semi-matt finish and geometric patterns to create a soft aesthetic. Each vessel includes a plastic container inside to hold water and flowers.


You’ll never have to search for a pen or pencil again if you own one of Aimee’s pencil pots! Made by hand these pencil pots are formed from American walnut or steamed beech wood. Each piece has a coloured fabric lining and comes complete with a solid wood base to give added strength.These small pots make great stylish gifts and will bring calm and order to your desk. They have a natural uncoated finish to give a soft harmonious aesthetic.


Aimee’s approach to design is thoughtful and experimental. She loves to play, develop and refine ideas into a product until she feels  it’s intriguing and different enough to make the cut.

medium-white-2Alongside developing their own designs Aimee and her design team also undertake commissions to create bespoke and exclusive designs for culturally and creative minded companies.


At the heart of Aimee’s studio is the notion that a creative idea combined with playful material exploration will result in brilliant designs and we certainly agree with that statement here at Heart Gallery.

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