Hello Floor!

Well my friends, our new floor has received so much attention since we re-opened just over a month ago that we decided it deserved a blog post all to itself!


Those of you that have followed our journey since the Boxing Day floods know how stressful the last 6 months have been but we did have an amazing local building and joinery firm to lean on West End.


All the guys at West End made our lives a little easier so for that I will be forever grateful … in fact I will be having a few drinks with them soon to celebrate finally!


I did almost feel like a Project Manager on a number of occasions (would love to project manage a home renovation one day – yes I watch all those housey programmes on tv!) and one of those moments was choosing our new floor going forward.


Our old floor was painstaking laid, finished and sealed by my wonderful, supportive husband over 10 years ago and was a reclaimed timber floor that I truly loved with all my heart.


I knew that we could not risk laying a timber floor again so the task began to find the right alternative. We didn’t have to look too far away from home though – Waxman Ceramics at Elland.


Richard at Waxman truly understood our plight and was on hand to help and also to offer a company discount to us because we were a Calderdale business affected by flooding.


As you can see from these pictures taken on my phone we now have the most amazing new floor that not only looks great but has fooled so many of you that have thought it was wood …. porcelain tiles my friends, porcelain tiles! Waterproof and ready to wash down should we ever need to! Origen tiles from Waxman Ceramics. These are in the wall and floor brochure page 31.


Feel free to come in and see it, touch it and fall in love with …. we have!

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