Meet The Maker – Sarah McDade

Sarah McDade copySarah has been making ceramics full time since 1982. Her stoneware and terracotta figures and heads each have a distinctive style and quality. Heads are often humorous or whimsical, and develop their individual characters during the modelling process.


Terracotta pieces depict a simpler stylised form, developed from sketches and doodles, with detail emphasised by incised lines. Sarah’s pieces are all made with a combination of slab building and modelling and the vibrant colours she uses provide a pleasing contrast to the clay. The final surface is painted or sponged with underglaze colour and oxides.

IMG_4894Sarah has recently been experimenting with using touches of glaze as decoration.


Sarah’s work is available in several craft shops and galleries throughout the country and she also works to commission making many characters based on real people.


She has a wide experience as an artist in education, often working on figurative or sculptural projects. Subjects Sarah has covered range from a mural on the theme of play, to outdoor totems made from clay masks. Public workshops linked to exhibitions have also been developed through galleries, and her current courses include educational centres such as Alston Hall in Lancashire.


Sarah is a member of Linden Arts Group in Hebden Bridge where she shares a studio with other artists and Heart Gallery is proud to be one of Sarah’s carefully chosen stockists for her work in Yorkshire.

Sarah McDade

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