Meet The Maker – Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant bwRachel graduated from Buckinghamshire New University with a Ba (Hons) in Textile Design and Surface Decoration in 1999 and now works as a freelance artist and designer based in ‘The Potteries’, the creative county of North Staffordshire.

6.Rachel Grant New Beginnings 40x50cm

She lives and works from an old terraced house without a right angle in sight and it’s this love of history, time-worn surfaces and the consistency of the natural world that surrounds them that inspire and inform her work.

5.Rachel Grant Knitting and Flowers 50x40cmAs well as creating original art for galleries across the UK, Rachel is also a licensed artist and her work has been published as prints and greetings cards in the UK, USA, France, Lithuania and Estonia. Clients include Canns Down Press, Collage Greetings, Madison Park Greetings and Design House Greetings.

1.Rachel Grant Blossom 40x50cmBeing a mixed media artist Rachel works with a number of different mediums, however layering and the inclusion of collage are key elements to her process throughout – evoking a sense of age and depth.

3. Rachel Grant Moments from Spring 40x50cmAlthough the subject matter and medium may vary, Rachel’s aim is to convey a sense of peace and harmony; capturing quiet, still moments in an otherwise chaotic world.

8. Rachel Grant Silverlinings 40x40cm Our world in the Calderdale valley has been rather chaotic since the Boxing Day floods of 2015 so we gravitated towards Rachel’s calm and peaceful work and really hope you like what you see!

2. Rachel Grant Of Silence 40x50cm

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