Meet The Maker – Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian’s work is all about connection between people, the communities they live in, and their impact and relationship to the landscape in what they reside.

Harbour house - oil on board - 20x30cms March 2016

The people she portrays have a sense of history, perhaps a melancholic way of reminding us of what has long since passed, what we have lost in many ways.

21 31

Emotion and memory etched on their faces. This is where we came from. Generations of families living through uncertain times, and bound together by community, loss and hope.

6 31

Gillian’s landscapes show the marks of these communities on the land on which they work and the space between land and sea. Harbour houses, buildings that are in sympathy with the landscape in which they are placed.

5 20 oil on board 2

Layers of muted colours and textured paint are built up in the same way that memories are accumulated over our lifetime and from the generations before. A history, half remembered, stories told and adapted over time.

5 20 oil on board 3

Gillian often feels that rather than painting or drawing on a surface, she is excavating an image, a person or a place, revealing something that has been there for a long, long time.

7 31

Her process is one of applying layers and scraping or erasing away, leaving remnants that are built up and removed over and over until the final image comes together.

5 20 oil on board 4

Here at Heart Gallery we were really proud to re-open with a lovely collection of Gillian’s new oil paintings so if you haven’t seen her work since our last exhibition with her, WE ALL CAST SHADOWS, then now is the time to visit as her work is only with us until the end of August.

5 20 small oil on board

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