Meet The Maker – Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah confesses to being a bit of a neat freak and this latest collection from her takes inspiration from that impulse to organise things! She enjoys sketching up ideas on graph paper as she loves the neat lines and squares.

SL3 £75
Sarah had great fun arranging these small rectangular pieces of tube and found it a refreshing change to the jewellery she has been making in the last few years. The pieces have an art deco feel to them and this inspiration gives her lots of scope to develop the collection further.

SL13 £40
After two decades of making jewellery, teaching jewellery and selling jewellery Sarah admits that her favourite place is to be tucked away in her studio at her work bench where she considers herself extremely lucky to be doing something she loves.

SL7 £40
This stunning new collection is handmade entirely in sterling silver with every rectangular section of tube being individually positioned and soldered into place.

SL10 £37

The pieces are very wearable and range from a tiny cluster of two or three rectangular tube sections to a more complex arrangement of 30 or more.

SL12 £40

This variety with the designs allows Sarah to make some very affordable smaller pieces as well as the more detailed and expensive ones so they can fit any budget and makes them ideal as a gift or treat for yourself.

SL1 £40

We are the only Gallery Sarah has carefully chosen for this art deco inspired new jewellery collection and it’s proving a popular choice with many of our customers.


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