Calderdale Rising

Hello my friends

Just bobbing in to write a little blog post about this Crowdfunder I am involved with and to ask for your support … whatever you can pledge will really make a difference to the businesses that will benefit.

LOGO for PRHere’s my short story as to why I need your help, thank you for listening:


I opened my doors in Hebden Bridge in September 2006 so this year I will be 10! My mission was to support local and UK makers/designers/artists by showcasing their work in a beautiful and inviting space and promoting the very Best of British.

Kirsty and Angela meeting in Heart Gallery

Two of my favourite artists Kirsty Elson and Angela Smyth meeting in Heart Gallery for our Autumn 2015 Exhibition TIME & TIDE


When I started on this journey I was working with less than 30 makers/designers/artists and now I work with more than 100 at any one time throughout the year …. many of them permanently showcase their new collections at Heart Gallery and are now also good friends.

Kate and myself relaxing a little as the evening calmed from about 8pm - my favourite photo of the night

Me and Kate Lycett, my much loved local artist at her launch of WATER & LIGHT in Spring 2015


The reason for this is simple; I have a great relationship with my artists. Without them I wouldn’t have my beautiful building (an old Baptist Chapel Grade II Listed) filled with so much beautiful work. The renowned reputation I have brings visitors from far and wide not only to Heart Gallery but to Hebden Bridge itself supporting our thriving local economy made up of many small independent businesses like myself.

Busy Exhibitions

At busy launches I quite often involve other local businesses such as the very lovely Ursula Holden-Gill who delights customers with stories in our lovely garden


Because of its age (1777) my building has taken a right battering by the dirty flood waters of Boxing Day and will need time to put it right and dry it out before I can even begin to think about the refit. I also have to think about future proofing it against further floods in Hebden Bridge which will not be covered by any insurance.

Evening previews are so magical

Evening previews are so magical


I don’t have a selling website so cannot trade until I am open and I have 3 beautiful, creative girls who work with me that I cannot afford to lose so I am still paying their wages so they can support themselves whilst we stitch Heart Gallery back together.

Together we are working through all the post flood trauma, stocktaking, contacting our makers/designers/artists to keep them up-to-date with developments and passing on the heartbreaking news about damages. Together we will make it through…and with your help we can make Heart Gallery even more beautiful than it was before if that’s even possible! So my friends, customers, supporters of the creative industry please follow this link for Calderdale Rising and pledge whatever you can to help to secure a future for Heart Gallery and our community, thank you

Heart Gallery

When the dirty flood waters washed away they did not take our Heart with them … we will be back my friends x

This is one HEART that just gets stronger x

This is one HEART that just gets stronger  – artwork kindly done for us by local artist and friend Angela Smyth x


By the way, there is also a knock on effect from Heart Gallery being closed for such a long time to local artist Heather Wilson who rented a small room in Heart Gallery so customers could commission work from her. She now has no presence in Hebden Bridge and also needs your support so do please contact her via her website or Facebook page


See you again in 2016

My last words on my last blog post of 2015 on Christmas Eve as we locked up for the holidays were:

‘see you again in 2016, xXx’

How wrong I was!

By now you will all have heard about the Boxing Day floods which ripped through our beautiful town of Hebden Bridge, invaded Market Street turning it into a muddy river and violated my beautiful gallery causing so much devastation.

Market Street image taken by Helen Baron above her haberdashery shop just down from Heart Gallery on Market Street

Market Street image taken by Helen Baron above her haberdashery shop just down from Heart Gallery on Market Street

Image of Heart Gallery garden on Boxing Day morning as flood waters were rising taken by Pippa Dyrlaga from Garnett Street above

Image of Heart Gallery garden on Boxing Day morning as flood waters were rising taken by Pippa Dyrlaga from Garnett Street above Heart Gallery


You may well have been affected by the relentless rain and flood waters yourself.

You may not realise how much flood water entered many of our properties; residential or business.

You may not understand how this affects things going forward … on many levels.

You may have seen images on social media and read posts from small independent businesses reaching out in despair.

You may have watched the news or seen one of the many ‘flood related’ programmes that must have popped up. (I’m not aware of any of these as the television hasn’t really been watched).

You may have been one of the many volunteers who flocked to Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley to help, and for all those that gave up their Christmas holidays to do this, I know how grateful we all are so thank you.

Friends and strangers meet and work together to help businesses and homeowners; giving up their Christmas Holidays in our hours of need

Friends and strangers meet and work together to help businesses and homeowners; giving up their Christmas Holidays in our hours of need


You may be one of my lovely customers wondering what has happened, what is happening and what will be happening.

This little blog post is very late for a number of reasons so I apologise for that but I have not really had the time or the strength to write one until now….and it’s not really everything I would like to say but I did want to try to be brief and also to try to bring you good news somewhere in amongst!

My girls and I are still stocktaking believe it or not! When we went home on Christmas Eve full of the joys of the season and a few glasses of much deserved wine we did not know that the deluge of rain forecast would cause so much destruction to our building, so much damage to our furniture, so much contamination to our stock and so much suffering to us.

I even interrupted my Christmas dinner with Dad and Sandra to head into work and raise everything to the level I thought was safe should there be another flood warning through the night.

Walking in to Heart Gallery when the flood waters finally subsided was heartbreaking

Walking in to Heart Gallery when the flood waters finally subsided was heartbreaking


When I could finally get into Heart Gallery it wasn’t a pretty sight and one that I hadn’t expected to be fair – after all, I had flood gates and I thought we had a flood plan in place that would protect me! Our furniture is heavy but it was no match for the flood waters!

Our furniture is heavy and it was picked up by the flood waters and thrown around the room

Our furniture is heavy and it was picked up by the flood waters and thrown around the room


In the last 3 weeks everything has been removed from the building and the painstakingly slow process of stocktaking has begun. Everything that was under my roof when we closed at 4pm on Christmas Eve will be accounted for … salvaged or ruined!

So sad to see our reclaimed wooden floor gone!

So sad to see our reclaimed wooden floor gone!


This is necessary for future proofing the building but so sad to see

This is necessary for future proofing the building but so sad to see


The building, because of its age, has taken a battering! Finally the loss adjuster and surveyor have agreed to start work on it next week but really don’t know what they will find until this process gets started. I don’t have a landlord to deal with which is a blessing I can tell you listening to some stories out there! There will be help from Calderdale Council for affected businesses of £2,500 without restrictions and a further £5,000 for property owners with very rigid criteria. I was one of the lucky ones with insurance this time (although there are penalties for being under insured … who ever thinks they are going to lose everything in a situation like this so my advice to all of you is check your small print carefully).

LOGO for PRGoing forward when my policies both come up for renewal I will not be quite so lucky which is why it is so important now to future proof my building. This is one of the reasons I joined the Calderdale Rising Crowdfunder and if you haven’t yet come across this page then please do visit – your pledge however small will make a huge difference to those businesses involved, thank you.

I have to take time to get the repairs and the refit right, time I don’t really have with no income coming in as I don’t have a selling website – something I always said I didn’t want has now bitten me on the bum! We are working on thinking about a temporary pop up online but not sure how this will work yet so do bear with us. My main message here now though is … Heart Gallery will be back!

banner social media

We are TEN this September and plan to celebrate this achievement with everything that has been thrown at us lately so we do hope you will join us for the PARTY of the year!

In the meantime, keep your eye on this blog as I will bring you regular updates so that you can share the journey with us, I have had to embrace the change and although Heart Gallery will look different when we re-open the heart of it will still be there so it will feel the same.


My mission in 2006 when I opened was to support UK based designer/makers and offer our customers the very best of British by showcasing the unique, original and the bespoke…this has NEVER changed.

Best of British

If you were given Heart Tokens as a present last year and you still have them to spend (and there are many lucky recipients of these out there) then please email the Gallery to let us know so that we can send you the invite to our opening party thank you.

You can only contact us via email at the moment as the phone line is obviously not working. We can be reached here:


So there you have it my friends, in brief to be honest, you are now up-to-date with what is happening for Heart Gallery right now…and my last words for this blog post? Well that one’s easy isn’t it despite not knowing when yet?

‘see you again in 2016, xXx’




December 24th 2015 – Christmas Eve

Blurry hearts

We have had the opportunity to work with so many talented, amazing artists again this year and we hope you have all enjoyed our exhibition programme throughout 2015.

Here is just a little montage of some of our artists as we can’t show all of them – there’s about 150!

Wishing all our makers and customers old and new a very Merry Christmas … and to those of you who have just discovered us recently, see you again in 2016 xXx

xmas eve mugshots


Christmas Eve: 9am – 4pm
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED
Sunday 27th: CLOSED
Monday 28th: 12-4
Tuesday 29th: 10.30 – 5
Wednesday 30th: 10.30 – 5
Thursday 31st: 10.30 – 4
New Year’s Day: CLOSED
Saturday 2nd January: 10.30 – 5.30
Sunday 3rd January: 12 – 4

Back to normal from the 4th January folks x

December 23rd 2015

Blurry hearts

When Nicola took a photography course at the London College of Communication little did she know how much it would shape her future. During that course, surrounded by people that inspired her, she created the first of the Tales from the Moors Country images.

This series was designed to be an anthology of visual stories, a kind of visual interpretation of the Choose your own Adventure books.

The images would show one scene from a story and it would be up to the viewer to decide what came before and afterwards.

They were deliberately ambiguous and faces were often obscured, so that the viewer could use their own imagination to fill in the story.

All of Nicola’s images now appear in Heart Gallery as prints, jewellery, notebooks, tote bags and iphone covers.

Dec 23rd Nicola Taylor

December 22nd 2015

Blurry hearts

Giles and Heather got together in 2012 with the idea of creating a brand full of colour, energy and fun – to design stuff that they really wanted to use…and that made them smile.

We are not surprised about that here at Heart Gallery where we stock a great range of their products. Bright colours, bold patterns, playful words…Happy Jackson is all about bringing a little bit more awesome into everyday life!

Dec 22nd Happy Jackson

December 21st 2015

Blurry hearts

We’ve had a lovely year with Kate Lycett again; the launch of her latest work in Spring ‘WATER & LIGHT’ was just amazing – thank you to all our lovely customers and collectors who made that evening so special.

If you’ve not discovered Kate’s work yet … where have you been?

Kate’s textile design background is always present in the way that she paints and interprets what is around her. She sees patterns in everything; the hills adorned with houses and washing lines, rows of flower pots and stripes of brightly painted drain pipes. Lines of gold thread trace lines through the landscape, and gold leaf changes the surface of her pictures with the changing light of day.

Kate paints beautiful pictures of the places that she loves … and what’s not to love about Yorkshire?

Keep you eye on this blog for news of Kate’s next project LOST HOUSES … it’s a beauty x

Dec 21st Kate Lycett

December 20th 2015

Blurry hearts

Bronwen has been one of Heart Gallery’s regular jewellers for eight years and our customers love her work; often commissioning her to make a bespoke and personalised piece for themselves or a loved one.

Bronwen’s objective is to produce pieces that can be handled and worn/used on a day-to-day basis, whilst still retaining their aesthetic values.

Our customers love Bronwen’s jewellery and with Leap Year just around the corner why not think ahead and if you were going to propose in 2016, do it on Monday 29th February with one of our MARRY ME rings x

Dec 20th Bronwen TJ