Yay! We’re back my friends, we’re back!


This is just a little blog post for you as the first week since re-opening has been simply fantastic and just a bit overwhelming!


I really wanted to just dip in here to say thank you to all those that visited over the Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas weekend making our Saturday one of the BEST EVER! It was amazing and we were so happy to see Hebden Bridge buzzing and full of people supporting this event and getting into the spirit of Christmas in June!


Well done to everyone who played a part in running with the Alternative Christmas idea and turning it into a reality 6 months after the devastating floods to our area; job well done Jason Elliott, Kerry Wheelwright and all of Santa’s little helpers!


Another big thank you to all of our loyal customers, our artists and friends that have so far visited since we re-opened to offer their words of love, support and encouragement making the very difficult and stressful last 6 months feel so worth it.


It has been very emotional at times, and there have been lots of tears, but they have been happy tears and we have all cried together. Some reactions to our new look Heart Gallery interior have been priceless and although not captured on camera will be remembered forever, thank you.


Family and friends have brought blooms, fizz, florentines as well as helping me out by serving chilled spiced wine and mince pies so another HUGE thank you to you … couldn’t have got through without you all.




Artists that have become good friends have shared the last 6 months with me, been part of my journey, so I know how happy they are that the Heart Gallery doors are well and truly OPEN FOR BUSINESS.




If you’ve not visited yet, please do – we can’t wait to see you xXx


Just dipping in here briefly tonight to put this video up on the blog for you:

Jason Elliott has been working really hard lately organising and co-ordinating the HRAX (Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas) for everyone on June 25th so please come to Hebden Bridge and help us to celebrate the Christmas we never really had after the Boxing Day floods.

The great news is that Heart Gallery will re-open Friday 24th June (Christmas Eve!) as you will hear on the video. You will also see how tired I am but, do you know what my friends, I don’t care! I am exhausted but so, so happy we are now in the final week and you will be able to see what’s been going on behind the scenes the last 6 months finally …. see you at 10.30am on the 24th x

A little video for you

It’s here! We are on the home stretch!

This has felt such a long time coming my friends but in my head I always had the Arts Festival to aim for. Even though it was a date I didn’t want to write down, advertise or put on social media it was the date that has kept me sane since Boxing Day. Why? Because as a proud supporter I have not missed one yet since opening Heart Gallery on Market Street nearly 10 years ago. Check out this year’s programme here Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.

Arts Festival brochure advert small
Our West End Boys handed the building back to us on Friday 10th June all stitched back together again and we are so chuffed. We do still have drying out issues which are related to our burst water pipe you probably read about (Water Woes) but this does not reflect on West End Joiners & Builders. These guys have been so amazing to deal with, I am so glad I fought the Insurance Company for local contractors. They have been professional, thorough, shown empathy to the situation, found solutions to access problems efficiently, project managed their team seamlessly and communicated at all times so I never felt that it wasn’t my project. Paul, Michael and Bob were so disappointed to have to hand over with some decorating still to do once we are completely dry but they reassured me they would be monitoring it for me in their own time – job well done lads, party at mine soon!

cleaning the floor
After they sent the cleaners in to reveal and clean the new floor I could call local firm Howarths to collect all our salvaged and renovated furniture (more on this later this week) and it was time to start unpacking everything.

unpackingWithout giving too much away here are some photos of some of the details we love about the new Heart Gallery and you will have to wait until the 24th June to see them in the flesh my friends:

renovated cabinets

flood shelf
gold cabinet
hannah nunn paper
Remember the date for your diary my friends and start saving your pennies … we will re-open FRIDAY 24TH JUNE AT 10.30 AM

Call in the painters!

Well my friends we have had a busy few weeks since the last post so here is a wee update for you:

Laycocks getting started
West End Joiners & Builders called the painters in a couple of weeks ago so the boys at Laycocks turned up to put in some hours.

James was there every day prepping, filling, sanding and painting; mist coat, first coat, second coat … there are so many walls I think he must have ended up dreaming in pink and grey!little fan
big door
jewellery room
I then called in another local firm, Eco Deco, to come and spruce up the outside for me and Charlie turned up cap in one hand and paint brush in the other … so much to do, so little time!

I think I should point out here too that that rose bush is the best it has ever been with so many blooms on it I’m gutted not to be open and enjoying their display!

exterior 2
Without giving too much away also behind the scenes my hubby and I were busy with some rather lovely wallpaper from Hannah Nunn…all will be revealed soon but Hannah has been extremely supportive and helpful!

Another local company I am working with for our re-opening is Wood & Wire who are making me some new jewellery cabinets along with some finishing touches from Vince at Abacus Framing.
frames abacus
Oopsie! Sneaky peek my friends … but that’s all your getting for now xXx

Still lots to do!

I don’t know about you my friends but I am ready for the home stretch! Not sure we are quite there yet as there is still lots to do but here’s a little update for you to whet your appetite.

drying out plaster
We are still drying out the plaster after the burst water pipe on Garnett Street back in April which we really could have done without as this has knocked us right back with our schedule of work sadly.

still drying out 2
It is taking its time to dry and you can’t rush these things but it is rather frustrating.  We had to have a re-shuffle of works so that we didn’t get too far behind  so everything is a little out of sync!

big ladders
Our new floor is down but it’s hidden under these sheets so they don’t get damaged as this should have been our last job before bringing in our salvaged (but renovated) old furniture and some lovely new pieces.

prep begins
The prep has begun on the walls and ceilings by our fab team of contractors, West End Joiners and Builders … affectionately called my West End Boys!

so much still to do 2
But it’s now the Bank Holiday weekend so time for a chill before getting back on it and hopefully making up some much needed ground this next week.

West End Boys
Please dip in to this blog again for another wee update and perhaps next week I can announce the opening date … fingers and toes are crossed right now!


Talking Dirty!

Just a quick little post here to talk about dirty windows!

2016-03-29 10.15.42-1
One of the indirectly affected businesses after the flooding on Boxing Day was our local happy chappy, window cleaner! All of a sudden in Hebden Bridge, there were no windows to clean as there were not many businesses open so it was the last thing on our minds!

I’m not sure everyone has fully appreciated how much this awful flood has impacted on others and how long it will take to get over it and get back to some sort of normality financially.Finally though, over 5 months later, I made that call ‘Dave, I need you!’

Dave was round straight away to start scraping all the grime off my beautiful big windows and Dave and his pal took over 2 hours to do 5 windows inside and out.

It really wasn’t an easy job but these lads never complain and they just took it in their stride and cracked on.

At last I can see! (The garden will be another big job ….. Michael, I’m calling you soon!)

They will need doing again just before I re-open but what a difference. Job well done Dave, thanks and welcome back! x


Conscious choices

Hello my friends. I have held off writing this difficult post for most of this month but after a little of my own story was shared on the Just A Card blog recently and passed on to so many via social media, today just felt the right time to write this post somehow.

Kate Hamilton-Hunter - Artist and Jeweller

Kate Hamilton-Hunter – Artist and Jeweller

When I opened in 2006, Kate was one of the first designer/makers I worked with and over the years she has become a dear friend too. I was hoping to bring you a fab new jewellery collection at the end of June when I re-open, all designed and made by Kate and her bunch of talented staff based in Wales but sadly Kate has made a very difficult decision recently to close the doors of her studio. I really do know how hard this decision was for Kate as she and her staff have put so much energy and effort into creating jewellery with a difference from recycled materials for about 12 years.

Kate and her team

Kate and her team

By using biscuit, sweet and cake tins and upcycling them in to various collections including Hearts, Butterflies, Leaves, Birds and putting them on sterling silver findings and chains with beautiful Swarovski crystals and pearls Kate’s jewellery was truly unique and loved by many of my customers.

Lightened - christmas for facebook small
Sadly, which is what tends to happen, factory-made cheaper products from the Far East is squeezing unique little businesses like Kate’s out of the market by copying work and reproducing it at a fraction of the price. If people continue to buy cheaper products without making that conscious choice to understand then more and more small businesses will close their doors too.

IMG_2079 small

Please think about where you spend your hard-earned cash, how you spend it and who you spend it with. If we make a conscious choice to Shop Local, to buy British Hand-Made, to support those small businesses on our doorstop, the stronger our economy will be.

IMG_3298 small
Here at Heart Gallery I am proud to support small, support local, support British and support independent. By supporting small independent British designer/makers and creative companies I feel I play a very small part in changing the high street in one carefully curated and carefully created, beautiful space. 

JS14NEW copy
I am feeling really sad bringing you this awfully upsetting news (you may already have heard) and without ramming the message down your throat please do make conscious choices if you can … they really do make a difference.

JE19NEW small
I will work with Kate again one day in the future which I am really looking forward to. In the meantime, all of my customers who still own, love and adore Kate’s jewellery enjoy wearing it with joy knowing that it was made by Kate and her team by hand and with love and sold by me with love and pride. Read all about Kate here.


Just another reminder of the Just A Card campaign that is encouraging people to appreciate just how invaluable EVERY single purchase is …. thank you for listening x