These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Something I have wanted to do for a while now is post about our favourite things in the gallery every so often so here is the first one …. the theme is love of course this week with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! Enjoy my friends, enjoy x

ValentinesAll these pieces are currently available from Heart Gallery and made with love for us by Andy Poplar, Helen Russell, Julia Ogden, Ella Robinson, Fi Mehra and the lovely Brick and Bean team at Nick Hubbard Jewellery x

Meet The Maker – Caron Burroughs

Caron Burroughs - Jeweller

Caron Burroughs – Jeweller

Caron is a Welsh Contemporary Jewellery Designer, brought up in the South Wales Garw Valley. Her handcrafted contemporary designs are inspired by the countryside and beaches where she grew up.

Pendant - Caron Burroughs

Cell pendant – Caron Burroughs

Her work particularly focuses on texture, influenced by the eroded pebbles on Ogmore-by-Sea’s beach and the stunning cliff faces of Southerdown beach, both in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Textured pendant - Caron Burroughs

Textured pendant – Caron Burroughs

Using various tools and fabrics she creates many different textures which are highlighted and accentuated by using oxidisation and bronzing powder, which really bring the pieces to life

Speckled studs - Caron Burroughs

Speckled studs – Caron Burroughs

 Caron loves transforming a flat sheet of silver into an exciting 3 Dimensional design and we are excited to now be stocking her jewellery collection ‘Earth’.

Disc pendant and matching studs - Caron Burroughs

Disc pendant and matching studs – Caron Burroughs

These organic forms of Caron’s have a linear abstract feel because of the texture Caron adds to the simple shapes she uses.

Textured pendant - Caron Burroughs

Textured pendant – Caron Burroughs

Do call in soon to see Caron’s ‘Earth’ collection x

A Sunny Studio Trip

Good afternoon friends, I hope the sun is shining where you are after rather a lot of snow in parts of the UK!

2015-02-04 15.44.30

I have just had tea and biscuits with Kate Lycett in her sunny studio in Hebden Bridge chatting about her forthcoming solo show with us WATER & LIGHT.

The preview date is getting nearer (March 26th) and so it was time to see Kate’s finished paintings before they head off to the framers….including two delightful printers trays which you can have a sneaky peek at another day!

2015-02-04 11.54.56

Kate is really enjoying the painting for WATER & LIGHT as for part of the research she has been able to get out jogging at different times of the day … including late night runs along the canal for inspiration.

2015-02-04 11.57.39

I hope you enjoy these sneaky peeks of some of the work which will be included in WATER & LIGHT and if you need an invitation posting then please shout and we will get one out x

2015-02-04 12.13.49Kate’s signature tile is on all her paintings and I love looking for them – here are a few for you:

2015-02-04 12.11.44-1

2015-02-04 12.12.35

2015-02-04 12.12.22

2015-02-04 12.12.55

2015-02-04 12.12.07

WATER & LIGHT will be packed with original paintings of the locality including Todmorden and Haworth but Kate is also showcasing 3 new original paintings that have inspired her new range of lanterns which Radiance sell in Hebden Bridge:

2015-02-04 11.53.10

So there you have it my friends, just a sneaky little peek at some of Kate’s amazing work…see you on March 26th!



Meet The Maker – Zoe Miller

Zoe Miller - Textile Artist

Zoe Miller – Textile Artist

Zoe has been a textile designer since graduating from the RCA in 2002, working as a design consultant for various companies and designing her own sculptural fabrics and products.

Scarves - Zoe Miller

Scarves – Zoe Miller

Tangent Accessories are designed and made by textile designer Zoe Miller. It is an off shoot of her textile design practice based at Cockpit Arts in London.

Hot Water Bottle covers - Zoe Miller

Hot Water Bottle covers – Zoe Miller

Tangent Accessories has come to life over the last few years and has been exhibited at various shows around the UK.

Streamline Scarves - Zoe Miller

Streamline Scarves – Zoe Miller

It uses the same ethos as the rest of Zoe’s design practice; colour, structure and textures to create a range of gorgeous lambs wool accessories for fashion and home.

Scarves - Zoe Miller

Scarves – Zoe Miller

Designs are inspired by structural forms in architecture and nature. The yarn is sourced from UK companies and all items are made at Zoe’s studio in London.

Spruce Mitts - Zoe Miller

Spruce Mitts – Zoe Miller

 Here at Heart Gallery we love these little purses and actually they are perfect for business cards so they are a stylish way to present yourself to others x

Knitted purses - Zoe Miller

Knitted purses – Zoe Miller

Meet The Maker – Ella Robinson

Ella Robinson - Artist

Ella Robinson – Artist

Unwanted materials often possess unexplored value, carrying a history of their own that is frequently visible from their appearance. Seizing the potential of found objects gives them a new lease of life, typically one very different to that of their original purpose.

Big Love - Ella Robinson

Big Love – Ella Robinson

Ella’s practice utilises the texture and character of driftwood, contrasting its weathered, uneven and dull surface against the feminine softness and sheen of textile thread and plastic tubing. Inspired by the British coast, with colour palettes reminiscent of graffiti, these interior pieces exploit her love of vibrant colour and pattern.

Millions - Ella Robinson

Millions – Ella Robinson

 Within the past three years Ella has begun creating Framed Collections; pieces that exploit the vibrant colours and/or unique properties of found beach plastics, sea glass, beach corks and ceramic fragments. Most recently she has started working with items collected from the urban environment, including unwanted lighters, lost jewellery and metal fragments.

Driftwood Hearts - Ella Robinson

Driftwood Hearts – Ella Robinson

 Ella is based in Hertfordshire having recently moved from the seaside city of Brighton. Beachcombing, working with her hands and creating unique artworks delight her!

Nature's Lungs

Nature’s Lungs

Ella graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Constructed Textiles (Mixed Media) in 2009, having previously gained a first class BA hons. degree in Multi Media Textiles from Loughborough University School of Art and Design in 2006.

Heart - Ella Robinson

Heart – Ella Robinson

 Ella’s first collection for Heart Gallery is a series of driftwood hearts of course; with Valentines’ Day just around the corner they are the perfect little token of love to give xXx

Driftwood Hearts for Valentines Day available at Heart Gallery

Driftwood Hearts for Valentines Day available at Heart Gallery

Meet The Maker – Laura Crooks

Laura Crooks - ceramicist

Laura Crooks – Ceramicist

Laura first started working with clay 11 years ago and immediately fell in love with this medium. She started working from home in her own studio.


You will forever be my always

Laura’s work has progressed alongside her own learning as she has experimented with different types of clays, glazes and oxides.



Laura loves working with textures in clay, using everything from vintage lace and paper doilies to wallpaper. She loves the way that adding texture to the clay can give the finished object a very different dimension. It gives the clay movement and a fine textured feel to it.


Two hearts tied together forever

Laura particularly likes working with porcelain because it allows her to achieve the delicateness and movement that she wants her pieces to have.


Always in my heart

She is inspired by materials and garments and the history and stories that they tell. This reflects in her work as texture, purity, movement and the symbolism of buttons.



Laura’s current work shows the texture of the vintage materials that she has been impressing into the clay formed hearts and the addition of glazes highlights this texture.

Personalise your heart

Personalise your heart

Laura’s hearts are extremely popular for weddings and births so talk to us about your special personalised commission….and of course Valentine’s Day is only around the corner!

Personalise your heart

Personalise your heart




Magazine Corner

Good morning one and all, I am writing this post today looking out at a lovely wintry scene as the day awakens around me…are you reading it with snow on the ground? Thankfully there is not enough to stop me getting in to work (or is that a bad thing?)

2015-01-14 08.10.06

This is just a little follow on from my earlier post ‘TAKING TIME TO LIVE WELL’ now I keep allocating myself a little bit of reading time. Towards the end of 2014 I decided to create a little magazine corner in Heart Gallery, which has been well received, and started with some new shelving made from old pallet wood.

Our newly constructed shelves from old pallet wood

Our newly constructed shelves from old pallet wood

The first magazine to arrive in Heart Gallery was Kinfolk and although it was here all alone it is a big enough magazine to take over all the shelves initially without looking swamped … infact it quite enjoyed the attention!

Kinfolk was the first to arrive

Kinfolk was the first to arrive

We are slowly adding new titles to those we stock as our customers suggest new magazines they would like to see on our shelves so please keep your ideas coming. But for now we stock Kinfolk, The Simple Things, UPPERCASE, Cereal, Oh Comely and more recently Lionheart.

Lionheart magazine

Lionheart magazine

This is the Home issue. Writing, art, books, nature, family, travel, illustration and photography are all used to explore the meaning of the word home, resulting in a deeply thoughtful and truly beautiful issue.

Our shelves at Christmas

Our shelves at Christmas

So peops, if you’ve not yet discovered our Magazine Corner then it’s another reason to visit the calm and peaceful Heart Gallery is it not? Please visit soon, choose a mag, head home and stick the kettle on, curl up and read … taking time to live well x