Meet The Maker – Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah confesses to being a bit of a neat freak and this latest collection from her takes inspiration from that impulse to organise things! She enjoys sketching up ideas on graph paper as she loves the neat lines and squares.

SL3 £75
Sarah had great fun arranging these small rectangular pieces of tube and found it a refreshing change to the jewellery she has been making in the last few years. The pieces have an art deco feel to them and this inspiration gives her lots of scope to develop the collection further.

SL13 £40
After two decades of making jewellery, teaching jewellery and selling jewellery Sarah admits that her favourite place is to be tucked away in her studio at her work bench where she considers herself extremely lucky to be doing something she loves.

SL7 £40
This stunning new collection is handmade entirely in sterling silver with every rectangular section of tube being individually positioned and soldered into place.

SL10 £37

The pieces are very wearable and range from a tiny cluster of two or three rectangular tube sections to a more complex arrangement of 30 or more.

SL12 £40

This variety with the designs allows Sarah to make some very affordable smaller pieces as well as the more detailed and expensive ones so they can fit any budget and makes them ideal as a gift or treat for yourself.

SL1 £40

We are the only Gallery Sarah has carefully chosen for this art deco inspired new jewellery collection and it’s proving a popular choice with many of our customers.


Meet The Maker – Emma Louise Wilson

Emma Louise WilsonThe fragile qualities of porcelain enable Emma to work in detail, creating textures and something unique. Each handmade piece goes through many stages and can be fired up to three times.


Emma’s porcelain pieces, e.g. bowls, dishes, brooches, plaques, often incorporate her surface pattern designs.

Delicate Porcelain Small Bowls

Emma’s inspiration can come from many different areas, often from Nature or simple daily observations that can inspire her to incorporate these into her pieces.

Delicate Porcelain Spoons

A friend of Heart Gallery sent us a gorgeous bowl with a heart on after the Boxing Day floods 2015 made by Emma so we were delighted when she agreed to produce a small range of these bowls to celebrate re-opening in June 2015.

Porcelain Dott Bowl

Meet The Maker – Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian’s work is all about connection between people, the communities they live in, and their impact and relationship to the landscape in what they reside.

Harbour house - oil on board - 20x30cms March 2016

The people she portrays have a sense of history, perhaps a melancholic way of reminding us of what has long since passed, what we have lost in many ways.

21 31

Emotion and memory etched on their faces. This is where we came from. Generations of families living through uncertain times, and bound together by community, loss and hope.

6 31

Gillian’s landscapes show the marks of these communities on the land on which they work and the space between land and sea. Harbour houses, buildings that are in sympathy with the landscape in which they are placed.

5 20 oil on board 2

Layers of muted colours and textured paint are built up in the same way that memories are accumulated over our lifetime and from the generations before. A history, half remembered, stories told and adapted over time.

5 20 oil on board 3

Gillian often feels that rather than painting or drawing on a surface, she is excavating an image, a person or a place, revealing something that has been there for a long, long time.

7 31

Her process is one of applying layers and scraping or erasing away, leaving remnants that are built up and removed over and over until the final image comes together.

5 20 oil on board 4

Here at Heart Gallery we were really proud to re-open with a lovely collection of Gillian’s new oil paintings so if you haven’t seen her work since our last exhibition with her, WE ALL CAST SHADOWS, then now is the time to visit as her work is only with us until the end of August.

5 20 small oil on board

Meet The Maker – Graham Blakelock


At the beginning of the year we spent a lot of time researching interiors, colour schemes and best practices and trying to find a compromise with our insurance company etc at the same time trying to remain creative and hunt out new designer/makers to re-open with that you haven’t seen before – after all the cleaning up of course which took up all of January and part of February!



In amongst we came across Graham …. and what a lovely discovery that turned out to be when he came to see us down at The Egg Factory, our temporary office!


Graham has a fondness for trees, architecture, Yorkshire and chocolate (don’t we all!). His other interests involve design and graphics and he is a compulsive DIYer.


Graham hasn’t made us anything out of chocolate yet, although we would willingly try those creations out any day of the week! However, he has recently rediscovered his love of working with porcelain and this is his second time around working with clay.


Graham feels that this is the perfect medium for him at this time in his life, enabling him to create/realise his ideas as close as possible to the images that drop into his head.


Graham’s miniature hills are exquisite. We love them here at Heart Gallery and we are so pleased he is producing a small range for us with sheep, trees, houses and mills – all the things we love too about where we live and work!



Meet The Maker – Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant bwRachel graduated from Buckinghamshire New University with a Ba (Hons) in Textile Design and Surface Decoration in 1999 and now works as a freelance artist and designer based in ‘The Potteries’, the creative county of North Staffordshire.

6.Rachel Grant New Beginnings 40x50cm

She lives and works from an old terraced house without a right angle in sight and it’s this love of history, time-worn surfaces and the consistency of the natural world that surrounds them that inspire and inform her work.

5.Rachel Grant Knitting and Flowers 50x40cmAs well as creating original art for galleries across the UK, Rachel is also a licensed artist and her work has been published as prints and greetings cards in the UK, USA, France, Lithuania and Estonia. Clients include Canns Down Press, Collage Greetings, Madison Park Greetings and Design House Greetings.

1.Rachel Grant Blossom 40x50cmBeing a mixed media artist Rachel works with a number of different mediums, however layering and the inclusion of collage are key elements to her process throughout – evoking a sense of age and depth.

3. Rachel Grant Moments from Spring 40x50cmAlthough the subject matter and medium may vary, Rachel’s aim is to convey a sense of peace and harmony; capturing quiet, still moments in an otherwise chaotic world.

8. Rachel Grant Silverlinings 40x40cm Our world in the Calderdale valley has been rather chaotic since the Boxing Day floods of 2015 so we gravitated towards Rachel’s calm and peaceful work and really hope you like what you see!

2. Rachel Grant Of Silence 40x50cm

Meet The Maker – Sarah McDade

Sarah McDade copySarah has been making ceramics full time since 1982. Her stoneware and terracotta figures and heads each have a distinctive style and quality. Heads are often humorous or whimsical, and develop their individual characters during the modelling process.


Terracotta pieces depict a simpler stylised form, developed from sketches and doodles, with detail emphasised by incised lines. Sarah’s pieces are all made with a combination of slab building and modelling and the vibrant colours she uses provide a pleasing contrast to the clay. The final surface is painted or sponged with underglaze colour and oxides.

IMG_4894Sarah has recently been experimenting with using touches of glaze as decoration.


Sarah’s work is available in several craft shops and galleries throughout the country and she also works to commission making many characters based on real people.


She has a wide experience as an artist in education, often working on figurative or sculptural projects. Subjects Sarah has covered range from a mural on the theme of play, to outdoor totems made from clay masks. Public workshops linked to exhibitions have also been developed through galleries, and her current courses include educational centres such as Alston Hall in Lancashire.


Sarah is a member of Linden Arts Group in Hebden Bridge where she shares a studio with other artists and Heart Gallery is proud to be one of Sarah’s carefully chosen stockists for her work in Yorkshire.

Sarah McDade

Hello Floor!

Well my friends, our new floor has received so much attention since we re-opened just over a month ago that we decided it deserved a blog post all to itself!


Those of you that have followed our journey since the Boxing Day floods know how stressful the last 6 months have been but we did have an amazing local building and joinery firm to lean on West End.


All the guys at West End made our lives a little easier so for that I will be forever grateful … in fact I will be having a few drinks with them soon to celebrate finally!


I did almost feel like a Project Manager on a number of occasions (would love to project manage a home renovation one day – yes I watch all those housey programmes on tv!) and one of those moments was choosing our new floor going forward.


Our old floor was painstaking laid, finished and sealed by my wonderful, supportive husband over 10 years ago and was a reclaimed timber floor that I truly loved with all my heart.


I knew that we could not risk laying a timber floor again so the task began to find the right alternative. We didn’t have to look too far away from home though – Waxman Ceramics at Elland.


Richard at Waxman truly understood our plight and was on hand to help and also to offer a company discount to us because we were a Calderdale business affected by flooding.


As you can see from these pictures taken on my phone we now have the most amazing new floor that not only looks great but has fooled so many of you that have thought it was wood …. porcelain tiles my friends, porcelain tiles! Waterproof and ready to wash down should we ever need to! Origen tiles from Waxman Ceramics. These are in the wall and floor brochure page 31.


Feel free to come in and see it, touch it and fall in love with …. we have!