Meet The Maker – Kelly Munro

Kelly Munro - Jeweller

Kelly Munro – Jeweller

Kelly’s inspiration is drawn from her heritage and homeland. She was born in a small town in the far north coast of Scotland, well known for its historical fishing industry.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Kelly is surrounded by small abandoned ports around the coast, and has had a particular interest in fishing equipment used in the past and present. This inspiration was reflected in the lobster pots as a starting point for her graduation show work.

Blue wooden pendant - Kelly Munro

Blue wooden pendant – Kelly Munro

This has evolved through various stages of material exploration and Kelly has settled at the combination of ‘weathering’ wood and traditional metal techniques – her finished pieces are stunning.

Blue Wooden earrings - Kelly Munro

Blue Wooden earrings – Kelly Munro

The technique of intricate saw piercing enables Kelly to create nets and lightweight structures. She aims to shadow the forms of the fishing nets and pots, and loosely interpret these shapes in her own way.

Silver Open Creel Pendant - Kelly Munro

Silver Open Creel Pendant – Kelly Munro

The technique of pyrography also plays an important role in Kelly’s pieces allowing her to create often detailed patterns combined with charred edges and loose paint strokes, mirroring the intricately knotted nets of the trade combined with wind beaten driftwood.

Creel and blue wood earrings - Kelly Munro

Creel and blue wood earrings with oxidised silver – Kelly Munro

Kelly’s finished pieces combine branded wood, knotted rubber and delicately pierced metal, both precious and non- precious.

Necklace - Kelly Munro

Necklace – Kelly Munro

By using the traditional process of wood burning Kelly then uses her own tools to manipulate the surface of the wood.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Combining this with hand pierced structures that loosely represent fishing nets she tries to capture the rustic feel of her homeland and fishing heritage at the very far north coast of Scotland.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Kelly’s work aims to portray the rustic look of items found near harbours and tide lines.

Barrell Pendant with Blue Wooden Insert - Kelly Munro

Barrell Pendant with Blue Wooden Insert – Kelly Munro

We have long admired Kelly’s work so we are now delighted to be stocking a small range from her.

Wednesday December 24th – Christmas Eve

Blurry hearts

A little montage for you of work from some of our lovely makers in Heart Gallery throughout 2014 … enjoy … see you in 2015 folks and have fun during this festive season. Below are our opening times leading up until the New Year just in case you need them xXx

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Meet the Maker – Sarah Westwood


Sarah Westwood - Artist

Sarah Westwood – Artist

Sarah uses her surroundings to inspire her, from her garden to birds.  Her work represents her idea of an ideal world, they are images that intend to make people smile and chuckle. 

Mr and Mrs Fox

Mr and Mrs Fox

Sarah creates images out of coloured recycled paper, layering the images on to a canvas of wood.  This then creates the first layer which is then layered with beeswax. 

Sarah Westwood

Bird Cages

This process then continues until she has 3 or 4 layers.  The final layer is carved into with oil paint and sealed using a flame.  The wood has a lovely detailed hanger on the back making the whole piece easy to hang and smart.


Dogs can ride Bicycles too

Sarah mainly sells her small pieces of art to private buyers and at designer maker fairs throughout the UK. 



Sarah is excited to be working with Heart Gallery and hopes you enjoy her world as much as we are enjoying it.


Meet The Maker – Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas - Jeweller

Laura Thomas – Jeweller

From a young age Laura had a huge passion for design. With a background in Product Design, she furthered her design knowledge by studying Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London.

Studs, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Studs, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

Laura graduated in 2010 and returned home to South Wales, with an opportunity to join forces with two very well-established welsh contemporary jewellers.

Lapel Pin, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Lapel Pin, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

Inspired by the richness of colour and texture found in an array of rare natural woods, Laura explores surface and geometrical repeated patterns by means of precision cut veneers.

Brooch, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Brooch, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

This exploration, coupled with fine metal working skills results in her individual interpretation of parquetry; an exceptional surface decoration technique that was adopted in the 1600, seen as a luxury craft that beautified and enhanced both furniture and interiors.

Bangles, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Bangles, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

Taking this technique one step further, parquetry is now used to beautify and enhance both the jewellery and the wearer.

Cufflinks, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Cufflinks, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

Laura’s new jewellery collection for Heart Gallery is an ensemble of beautiful rich wood veneers individually inlayed into soft frosted silver.

Rings, silver and veneer - Laura Thomas

Rings, silver and veneer – Laura Thomas

Wood you wear me?

Meet The Maker – Rosie Brewer

Rosie Brewer

Rosie Brewer – Designer/Maker

Rosie has a very fluid method of working, where the piece constantly evolves, adjusting to new discoveries and responding to the strengths and weaknesses of the material it is made from. She likes to incorporate a certain amount of chance and a sense of unpredictability, allowing some other extraneous variable to influence her work, whether it is nature or otherwise, it will to a certain extent, dictate the final outcome.

Yew mini board

Yew mini board

Rosie looks at the design process as if it was an evolution, the journey of an object, from sourcing the raw materials through to the final outcome and beyond to when it is unleashed into the wild and allowed to begin its new life being used for what it was always intended.

Heart board stack

Heart board stack

Rosie is interested in the things which people use every day, products with which the user can form a strong bond. She has a gratitude and respect for all objects, an appreciation, a joy in making and what is made. She wants to celebrate the ways of making and demonstrate an appreciation of objects which highlight how they are constructed.

Beech boards

Beech boards

Rosie enjoys making work which has a sense of time, where you can appreciate that whilst an object appears so, it is never static but constantly changing and evolving at a very slow pace, everything is gradually becoming more chaotic.

Small Heart boards

Small Heart boards

Working in a material such as wood, this is especially apparent. Being a natural material, wood already has a history, having come from a tree which might have been growing for many years. It shows signs of its previous life, marks where it was cut down, imperfections from diseases and spalted marks from fungus as well as knots and splits where branches once sprouted.

Stack of Mini boards

Stack of Mini boards

Heart Gallery lovely Rosie’s work and hope you do too…last year her Mini boards were so popular with our customers who were gifting them to friends and family with limes/lemons and a bottle of sloe gin, gin or vodka; a great present idea for Christmas.

Thinking outside the (GIFT) box!

So ‘silly season’ is most definitely upon us now in Heart Gallery and we are positively glowing with cheer and enjoying the festive atmosphere in Hebden Bridge. The Valley of Lights events recently really brought our community together and it was an amazing celebration for businesses and homeowners that had been affected by the floods but got through it and renovated and re-opened. With a sense of pride for what we have all achieved the Valley of Lights attracted approximately 10,000 visitors from far and wide and gave the upper Calder valley the boost it needed to face Christmas.


With the Festive Fandango now well and truly underway we can see at Heart Gallery that people are making more of a conscious effort to stay local and support the many small independent shops in our great town. Every year I do this as I feel so blessed to have a wealth of choice on my doorstep but this year more and more people are supporting Hebden Bridge businesses which is fantastic to see. Festive Fandango is now in its third year and gathering pace. It’s not rocket science! All you need to do is spend a minimum of £5 in 5 separate Hebden Bridge shops, get a sticker, collect all 5, complete the card and hand it in or post it to our Visitor Centre by the Marina. You are then given a discount voucher booklet for January and entered into the draw to win a £750 hamper of goodies donated by all the lovely shops in our great town.


So many of our fabulous customers are thinking outside the (gift) box this year and I just wanted to share a couple with you that have got our creative juices flowing here at Heart Gallery so thank you to those that planted the seeds for those ideas!

[creativejuices] v


Andy Poplar’s amazingly clever etched glass lab bottles have been bought to fill with home infused damson gin for presents by one very artistic customer who is also a member of our fabulous Hebden Bridge WI. Then this last weekend two guys bought the larger version of Andy’s lab bottle for their bathroom to keep purple shampoo and conditioner in … I will be borrowing that idea too!

Hebden SpiritI think everyone in our town should bottle a bit of Hebden Spirit don’t you?


The same lovely lady who has been making damson gin all year came back for one of Rosie’s handmade mini wooden chopping boards we have in Elm, Oak, Tulip and Zebrano …. not for cheese but for lemons and limes to go with the gin of course!

rosie brewer heart

So there you have it folks, a few ideas thinking outside the (gift) box and keeping your pennies in the town along with the chance to win a £750 hamper – simples I say!

Meet The Maker – Aiden Spencer

Aiden Spencer - Jeweller

Aiden Spencer – Jeweller

Frequently in Aiden’s artwork he attempts to capture the essence of an environment.

In the Woods

In the Woods

The collection of jewellery he has produced for Heart Galley for this exhibition inspired by fairytales and folklore has been particularly enjoyable for him as it draws inspiration from the fairytale atmosphere experienced in the woods.

Necklace - Aiden Spencer

Necklace – Aiden Spencer

Whilst developing these pieces Aiden frequently returned to a large wooded area that he calls spinning woods, not far from where he lives, taking along with him various construction materials and a sketchbook. He can sit for long periods laying out items he has found on the woodland floor, occasionally getting spooked by the whispering of the trees around him or by movements in the corner of his eye.

Bangle - Aiden Spencer

Bangle – Aiden Spencer

Aiden finds woods and forests to be a truly beautiful and somehow magical place with an almost intimidating presence. 

Necklace - Aiden Spencer

Necklace – Aiden Spencer

Using the materials he has gathered, along with some specially sourced stones such as serpentine and green tree stone, Aiden has returned back to his workshop and has tried to convey the fairytale atmosphere within the jewellery pieces he has created.

Green stone and pebble ring - Aiden Spencer

Green stone and pebble ring – Aiden Spencer

Heart Gallery is proud to showcase Aiden’s pieces that he has carefully made from sourced materials that really do depict a fairytale atmosphere.