Meet The Maker – Laurence Brand

Laurence Brand

Since graduating from Hereford College of Arts a year ago Laurence has been making elegant turned vessels and jewellery boxes from his small workshop in Lancashire.


Laurence uses striking native hardwoods sourced from trees he cuts and seasons himself. His work aims to celebrate honest and minimal design, elevate beautiful materials, and bring to light the rich process of making.

1 Swivel Base Vessels

The relationship between wood and other materials excites Laurence: elegant and harmonious combinations such as rich English walnut and sumptuous burgundy pig suede, or ebonised young ash paired with warm, radiant brass provide endless inspiration.


Heart Gallery is proud to have been carefully chosen to showcase Laurence’s amazing work in 2016 and we hope that you will come to love his work as much as we do.

5 Fold Boxes

Just look at the detail in these gorgeous wooden boxes suitable to store your precious jewellery in x

6 Detail of Fold Box

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