New Website

Well my friends, a shiny new website is long overdue but those following this blog will understand that I’ve kind of been a wee bit busy this year with other things! Here’s a reminder (if you needed one) to see how bloody hard all the small businesses in Hebden Bridge have worked to get back open again …

start-of-yearThe top picture here was taken by Helen Baron at Ribbon Circus just down Market Street from Heart Gallery as I don’t have one of the gallery because I couldn’t get in to the town.

ripping-outEventually we started ripping out the interior and working behind the scenes on any salvaged furniture we had.

stitching-backThen we started to stitch ourselves back together … properly!

plasteringConcrete was poured and walls sandblasted and we were making great progress …. then we had the ‘Flood from Above’!

flood-from-abovA burst water pipe in the early hours of the morning one Sunday saw gallons and gallons damage all the work we had done and bring ceilings crashing down!

floor-and-cabinetsWe really didn’t want any further delays so we just cracked on behind the scenes renovating the cabinets, weeks prepping and painting them and using wallpaper kindly donated by local artist Hannah Nunn from her new range, and the floor had to be put down before the decorating began as we had to dry out again!

decoratingThe decorating finally began and the ‘West End Boys’ started on the interior from my brief whilst Eco Deco and Charlie started on the exterior … we finally felt like we could see the finishing line! Vince at Abacus came to help us finish the new cabinets we commissioned Wood & Wire to make for us.

counterWith the builders off site finally towards the middle of June we had a tight schedule to get the counter and cabinets in and start to dress our lovely new space in time to open for the 24th June!

opening-dayBut we managed it! Re-opening on 24th June was amazing and emotional. There is still so much to do but we are getting there and really excited to be revealing our shiny new website soon with the help of local company Futureproof Media. Here’s a little sneaky peek and watch this space, we are aiming for it to be live for our Birthday celebrations at the end of the month x




Meet The Maker – Elizabeth Terzza


Elizabeth grew up in Yorkshire and is currently based in Hereford; her interest and awe for the British countryside are instantly recognisable throughout her collections of handmade, contemporary jewellery.

elizabeth-terzza-sycamore-seed-earringsIn her studio, she surrounds herself with pinecones, sycamore seeds and all the botanical treasures she gathers from her woodland walks in Herefordshire.


Forever collecting and taking note of her rural surroundings, Elizabeth is drawn to the silhouettes and simplicity in nature; the smooth lines in leaves and subtle textures of tree bark.

elizabeth-terzza-sycamore-seed-necklaceShe adopts these qualities and creates elegant, silver jewellery with an essence of tranquillity that rests softly against the skin of the wearer.


Since graduating from Hereford College of Arts in 2012, Elizabeth won a placement with Alloy Jewellers and she has exhibited and sold her work widely through galleries across the UK.

e-terzza-leafy-ringElizabeth is currently exploring, designing and working towards producing new collections, watch this space!


Meet The Maker – Laurence Brand

Laurence Brand

Since graduating from Hereford College of Arts a year ago Laurence has been making elegant turned vessels and jewellery boxes from his small workshop in Lancashire.


Laurence uses striking native hardwoods sourced from trees he cuts and seasons himself. His work aims to celebrate honest and minimal design, elevate beautiful materials, and bring to light the rich process of making.

1 Swivel Base Vessels

The relationship between wood and other materials excites Laurence: elegant and harmonious combinations such as rich English walnut and sumptuous burgundy pig suede, or ebonised young ash paired with warm, radiant brass provide endless inspiration.


Heart Gallery is proud to have been carefully chosen to showcase Laurence’s amazing work in 2016 and we hope that you will come to love his work as much as we do.

5 Fold Boxes

Just look at the detail in these gorgeous wooden boxes suitable to store your precious jewellery in x

6 Detail of Fold Box

Meet The Maker – Fi Mehra

Fi Mehra

Fi has been designing and making silver and gold jewellery for over 25 years.

18She was based in Wiltshire for the 20 years but in 2015 moved to East Sussex where she now designs and makes all her own work from a beautiful, purpose built workshop.

16After discovering her passion for making jewellery at evening classes Fi was accepted into the Birmingham School of Jewellery and trained there for 3 years.

20She worked for trade jewellers in Sussex and Bath before eventually setting up her own workshop.

3 (2)Fi loves designing jewellery as much as she loves producing it and her work has been inspired by her travels, the Wiltshire countryside, local history and, since moving nearer to the sea she has created designs inspired by the coast and her new surroundings.

15Heart Gallery has stocked Fi’s work for well over 7 years now and it has been a pleasure to work with her and see her confidence and her collections grow.


Meet The Maker – Clare Ashton

Clare Ashton

Clare is a textile artist working primarily in felt and print. Using British wool she makes beautiful items to use in daily life as she believes it is good for the soul to go beyond the utilitarian and into the aesthetic.

Studio Session-173Living and working in Todmorden, at the edge of the Pennines, she is surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife and celebrates this in her drawings.

Studio Session-186A lifelong love of British countryside and wildlife has lead to the choice of subjects she portrays in her prints.

Studio Session-164Her 2016 collection for Heart Gallery includes notebooks and travel journals but Clare also produces beautiful lampshades for the home and you can ask about this service.

Studio Session-181

Meet The Maker – Cath Ball

Cath Ball

Catherine Graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2004  and  now works from her own studio in Thursby Carlisle.

12 White green jugCatherine developed her unique design combination of slip-cast porcelain and stitch when she moved from West Yorkshire to Cumbria.

7.CathBall bud vaseCatherine combines the two disciplines of ceramics and embroidery to create a finished sculptural piece with complimenting elements.

6. CathBall Tea light

Each piece is hand crafted by Catherine Ball using fine white porcelain. Her Stitched ceramics collection challenges conventional ceramics through the development of an innovative technique and uses both stitching and buttons as a form of decoration.


Catherine’s work is clean cut and contemporary, ranging from stitched bowls and vessels to high-fired pieces with decorative detail.

9.CathBall white vase

5.Cathball Green mug

Catherine was really pleased to be invited to showcase her signature range as part of our re-opening at the end of June as she knows how much we love her work.


I picked these stems on a lovely canal walk this week as I knew they would compliment Catherine’s vessels … what do you think?


I think they are simply perfect x

IMG_4841As September is our TENTH BIRTHDAY MONTH Catherine has kindly made us some ceramic hearts which we want to sell to raise funds for WATERMARK. This is a much needed scheme for Calderdale so please hop over to the blog to read more thank you. Here are Cath’s hearts but they are limited and only available throughout September at £6 each with the proceeds from the sale of these lovely pieces going to WATERMARK.