2016 Calendar now for sale – £10

Well here it is folks … another beauty from local camera group Picture This! based in Old Town.

Taking delivery of the new calendar from Geoff Matthews

Taking delivery of the new calendar from Geoff Matthews


Front Cover

Front Cover – Kevin Tynan Bowe



January Tom Rattray



February – Roger Overall



March – Richard Needham



April – Geoff Matthews



May – Bettina Fischer



June – Kirsty Cope



July – John Butterworth



August – Helen Kay



September – Tony Hanrahan



October – Sherri Ward



November – Rob Lycett



December – Julie Butterworth


Back Cover

Back Cover – Kevin Tynan Bowe

This is the 2nd calendar this camera group has produced and is now in stock and available for the same price as last year at £10. The photographs of our local area are really good and the format is great for a calendar that has to see you through a whole year … you won’t tire of these images so get yourself along to Heart Gallery and pick one up whilst you can – last year we sold out really quickly with many calendars being sent overseas to those missing just a little bit of Yorkshire! x

Sneaky peek in Angela Smyth’s studio!

Here at Heart Gallery we are all getting super excited about our next exhibition for so many different reasons.

TIME & TIDE is a collaboration between two of our much loved artists, local lass Angela Smyth and Cornish creative Kirsty Elson.

INVITE BACK small new
Last week I caught up with Angela in her sunny studio in Sowerby Bridge so here is a sneaky peek at some of the glorious paintings heading to Heart Gallery for 1st October, 2015.

2015-09-10 14.56.07Spreading work out into some sense of order is really enjoyable.
2015-09-10 15.01.53Tunnocks Tea Cakes come in handy too!
2015-09-10 15.03.07You are all in for such a treat.
2015-09-10 15.00.30 I am sure this little sneaky peek is going to whet your appetite.
2015-09-10 15.01.16Happiness is fresh watermelon…isn’t it just?
2015-09-10 14.59.04
So the invites are dropping through letterboxes now and we are on countdown to our ‘MEET THE ARTISTS’ evening, Thursday 1st October, 6pm – 9pm. If you would like an invite then please email us heartgallery@btinternet.com or phone 01422 845845.
2015-09-10 15.04.38Last piccie from Angela’s amazing studio that envelops you and keeps you safe every time you visit (the ship is called Courage by the way) … come and meet Angela and Kirsty 1st October at 6pm xXx
2015-09-10 16.34.05

Meet The Maker – Johanna Basford


Johanna graduated in 2005 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee with a degree in Printed Textiles. She left with a portfolio stuffed with monochrome silk screen prints and drawings and a mission to vanquish the vector and champion the (wobbly) hand drawn line.

Secret Garden - Johanna's first 'adult' colouring book

Secret Garden – Johanna’s first ‘adult’ colouring book


Every piece Johanna creates starts life as a simple pencil sketch, evolving into a rambling pen and ink drawing usually spanning several sheets of paper.

19 - Cover CircleJohanna draws on A3 layout paper (Daler Rowney pads are her favourite) and for large scale pieces she tapes a few sheets of A3 together – easier for scanning than trying to line up an A2 sheet. She finds layout paper is thin enough to work with multiple layers but heavy enough to absorb the ink without crinkling. Most importantly though, it has a perfectly smooth surface so the pen nib doesn’t drag and feather the ink.


Sometimes Johanna will do a very quick layout sketch on A4 to help plan composition. More often than not though, she’ll just pick a spot on the paper, start drawing and let the piece grow organically.


Johanna draws an outline, whether it be a circle, square or damask shape so she has a rough idea of where to draw up to. If the final piece is to be symmetrical she will just drawn half, then copy and flip it in Photoshop later.


When the pencil drawing is complete, Johanna places a fresh sheet of paper over the top and begins to ink. It takes a little longer to ink from scratch but the final drawing is much crisper.


Johanna loves the tactile nature of the materials she uses and the joy of smudgy fingerprints. Her delicate hand inked designs intend to charm and delight, inviting you to peer closer and discover the hidden intricacies.


For Johanna, computer generated graphics can feel cold and soulless whereas hand drawing captures a sense of energy and character which no pixel can ever replicate.

91T53hrM2bLJohanna is an illustrator and ink evangelist who prefers pens and pencils to pixels. She creates intricate, hand drawn illustrations predominately, although not exclusively, in black and white.

Secret Garden Notebooks

Secret Garden Notebooks


Her creativity is cultivated by a curious imagination and a delight in the fantastic. Much of her work has roots in the flora and fauna that surrounded her growing up on her parent’s fish farm in rural Scotland.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest – Johanna’s second ‘adult’ colouring book


Johanna likes sugar mice, Alice in Wonderland, peonies and 0.05 Staedtler pigment liners. Heart Gallery likes Johanna’s Colouring books and now can’t wait for Lost Ocean to arrive with us when it is finally released towards the end of October.

lost ocean 2

Lost Ocean - Johanna's third 'adult' colouring book

Lost Ocean – Johanna’s third ‘adult’ colouring book

Sunday Best

Morning folks and a very fine Bank Holiday Sunday to you all. Here’s our Sunday Best today with love from HAPPY VALLEY! We thought this little montage appropriate now filming has started in our town for the second series of this great British Drama written by BAFTA award winner Sally Wainwright and staring Sarah Lancashire.

Enjoy these images of our locality my friends – all prints available in Heart Gallery.


The Big Park – Kate Lycett
The Lamppost Cafe – Clare Caulfield
Heart Gallery – Clare Caulfield
Woodhouse Mill – Kate Lycett
As The Crow Flies – Kate Lycett
St George’s Square – Clare Caulfield

Meet The Maker – Debbie Barber

Debbie Barber - Ceramicist

Debbie Barber – Ceramic Artist

Debbie is a ceramic artist who specialises in Raku and smoke fired ceramics. She works from her home studio in rural Leicestershire. 

Raku fired ceramic birds

Small birds – smoke fired

Debbie’s art and design training was in textile decoration and embroidery. After 10 years she changed course and returned to college to train as a potter having a lifelong interest in ceramics.

Raku bowl

Raku bowl

Debbie retains her influences from her textile background. She is drawn to 3 dimensional forms but still retains a love of surface details and loves pattern and colour taking inspiration from the natural world – trees, plants and the birds in her garden and the surrounding countryside.

Large bowl with leaf border

Large bowl with leaf border

Debbie was drawn to Naked Raku as a firing technique as enjoys the hands on and the dynamic process of Raku firing.  Raku ceramics date from 16th century Japan. As part of the tea ceremony tea bowls were simply made using this fast-firing technique.

Raku fired birds

Raku fired birds

Debbie’s pots are strong, simple, decorative forms and she uses different glazes and firing techniques.

Raku bowls

Raku bowls

Natural organic forms are used as inspiration; these may be thrown, cast or hand built. Stoneware clay is predominantly used but Debbie also works in earthenware and porcelain.

Selection of Debbie's hearts

Selection of Debbie’s hearts

Of course Debbie’s collection for Heart Gallery is not complete without some hearts!


Sunday Best

Here’s another little Sunday Best feature for you my friends. This week I am excited to tell you it is inspired by the colour scheme my son and his lovely girlfriend chose for their wedding day this coming week … and yes I am a proud Mother of the Groom at the moment!!

17.08.15Lower Laithe Reservoir – Kate Lycett
Lace Jewellery – Jayne Middlebrook

Lasercut Meadow – Stewart & Jacqueline Morton
Raku Fired Ceramics – Debbie Barber
Printed Silk Scarf – Craig Fellows
Silver Lily and Pearl Necklace – Amanda Cox

Oh, and here is the colour scheme … just incase you are interested!



Buying Handmade & Going To The Shop!

Many of you know the main reason Heart Gallery was born but if this is something you missed you can read the blog post about me and my leap of faith here.

2015-05-14 19.09.51-2I can’t pretend it has all been plain sailing as there have been a few curve balls thrown my way over the years but I still feel so blessed and so excited when I turn the key in that big black door!

IMG_3416Buying handmade or handcrafted I feel, teaches you a lot of things … a lot of different things. Buying British is also really important in making a difference and my journey to educate others and change how people shop began over 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Heart_Gallery-001These are the changes I have seen in Hebden Bridge, and in other places I visit regularly, and I hope that if you are reading this you can proudly say you have ticked some of these yourself as conscious efforts on your part to shop wisely.

  • People don’t instinctively jump in their car and drive to a big concrete jungle any more to buy something that has been mass produced and made somewhere other than Great Britain. Yes, I know this still happens don’t get me wrong, but I do feel that lots more of you think twice before doing this these days and that makes my heart sing.
  • More and more people are choosing to shop locally where possible and supporting those small businesses on their own doorstep or in a neighbouring town or village. A thriving local community makes a town a better place to live and shop and spending with a small independent keeps that cash circulating. I personally visit as many local shops for my provisions as I can; I love the interaction with both those that work there and those that shop there. Leading up to Christmas I manage to buy nearly all my presents in Hebden Bridge…the few that I have to buy elsewhere are generally for my lovely but very fussy Dad who always gives me his list of ‘things he doesn’t want’!
  • People are increasingly thinking about what they are buying; they are making that informed purchase knowing that they are spending their pennies and pounds on a quality piece. This may cost them more initially but they are buying something that will last. I don’t want to live in a throw away society of short-lived disposable items.
  • People are also increasingly thinking about who they are buying from and carefully considering where they shop. I see so many more customers returning time and time again to Heart Gallery which shows that they really understand and trust who they are buying from; don’t forget small independents have a great story to tell.
  • Quality lasts! More and more of my customers save their money and wait until they can buy what they really want rather than impatiently impulse buying a cheaper version somewhere and settling for second or third best. They quite often put a deposit down on something and come back to pay the balance when they can. Seeing the joy on their face when they can take their purchase home is priceless.

2014-03-22 10.35.35Great lessons to live by and by doing so you are rewarded with a quality, unique, handmade item that will last you a lifetime. Whether this is something for you to wear, something for your home to enjoy or a gift for another your purchase matters to you, to the small shop you bought it from and to those artists/makers who designed it, made it, painted it, sculpted it, weaved it, soldered it, polished it, fired it, glazed it, framed it ….. I think you get the picture!

staff collage Aug 15Heart Gallery has a lovely presence on the web; we have a website, a blog and you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too. Our website doesn’t have a selling section though! Many of you might find that odd and I did too (for over 7 years) but I finally made the decision this last New Year not to go down that route. Why you may ask? Every year that has flown by since I opened Heart Gallery in 2006 I have put on my January list SORT OUT WEBSITE and every following January I have beaten myself up that I have not got round to doing it! This January, I had that light bulb moment and didn’t have to beat myself up for once.

2015-02-03 11.54.18The reason? Simple really, I don’t buy online unless it’s something practical such as a water filter for the fridge that I simply cannot get to the shops to buy. I certainly wouldn’t buy art, jewellery or craft on line preferring to shop the way I have always loved, in person. The whole experience of shopping is wonderful, it makes me happy. I like to touch it, smell it, feel it, try it on, taste it … whatever it is I am buying it always appeals to one or more of my senses and that makes me so happy.

DSC_5718I know my customers are happy too when they visit Heart Gallery with many of them spending a long time mooching round and indulging their senses by seeing, feeling, smelling, trying on etc so why not continue with this marvelous way of shopping and stop trying to change.

me n dadSo I’m not changing, I’m not adding a shopping section to the website for all the reasons mentioned above and for another very simple reason, I don’t need to. I don’t need to do any more than I am doing already, I love things just the way they are at Heart Gallery. I have cried tears of joy and tears of sadness with so many of my customers over the years and you can’t find that online now can you?

Buying HandmadeHeart Gallery is open 7 days a week and if you really cannot get to enjoy the experience of a visit don’t worry we can facilitate payments over the phone and guarantee that we will post out your purchase with love x