These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

And here we are again, boy do these weeks fly by! Our midweek special These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things is proving popular so thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and read this short but sweet post every week; you are all stars!

This week’s montage is kind of a helpful hint for Mother’s Day so enjoy:

Mar 4th

Etched Glass Milk Bottle: Andy Poplar
Mrs Lovely Mug: Happy Jackson
Peep Apron: Herdy
Silver & Gold Plate Necklace: Claire Troughton
Bordeaux Fig & Vetiver Soy Candle: Eco range PaddyWax

Meet The Maker – Abby Filer

Abby Filer - Jeweller

Abby Filer – Jeweller


Abby is a contemporary fashion jewellery designer/maker. She works with silver, printed aluminium, enamels, pearls and precious stones to create fun, feminine and easily wearable pieces of jewellery.

Aquamarine pendant - Abby Filer

Aquamarine pendant – Abby Filer


Abby looked into the ancient folklore surrounding precious stones, their believed meanings and importance in ancient times to inspire her new collection for us called ‘spun gems’.

Topaz Bangle - Abby Filer

Topaz Bangle – Abby Filer


Abby has created individual pieces of jewellery which hold precious stones safely inside a maze of silver wire, keeping the magic the stones are said to provide safe within the pieces of jewellery.

Wrap rings - Abby Filer

Wrap rings – Abby Filer


Abby graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 and now runs her business Abby Filer Jewellery from her shop Franny & Filer, which she opened with friend and fellow jeweller Frances Stunt in 2009.

Peridot studs - Abby Filer

Peridot studs – Abby Filer


These are some of the stones Abby has used for her new collection for us which has arrived in Hebden Bridge just in time for Mother’s Day:

Amethyst – a symbol of sincerity and stability and protects from drunkenness.

Aquamarine – known as the treasure of mermaids and symbolises safety and security.

Sapphire – encourages creativity; is the stone of inner peace and meditation; reduces pain.

Topaz ring - Abby Filer

Topaz ring – Abby Filer


Topaz – drives away sadness and strengthens intellect.

Peridot – helps relationship issues; reduces anger and jealousy; encourages prosperity.

Peridot bracelet - Abby Filer

Peridot bracelet – Abby Filer


We hope to see you soon and of course Abby is happy to include your birthstone if you wish:

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Moonstone/Pearl
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal
  • November – Citrine
  • December – Topaz

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Here we are again my friends … I am really loving this little feature and I hope that you are too. It is not set in stone when it will appear as it depends on when our favourite things sing to us of course so this week it’s a Thursday post!

fav things

Metal sculpture: Lynn Walters

Topaz and silver bangle: Abby Filer

Ceramics: Kate Thorburn (we can’t get enough of her amazing pieces so we have featured her again)

Pearl Acorn & Oak Leaf gold vermeil necklace: Amanda Cox

Meet The Maker – Lynn Walters

Lynn Walters - Artist

Lynn Walters – Designer/Maker of metal and wire sculpture

Lynn is a designer maker of metal and wire sculpture for interiors. From her studio in Wales she makes wall and free-standing sculptures that depict everyday life in wire and metal.

Along the Canal

Along the Canal

She began to make sculptures in 2002 after she gained a first class honours degree in Contemporary Textile Practice at Cardiff University where she specialised in metal and wire.

In The Park

In The Park (detail)

Lynn gained a highly commended award in 2005 in the Welsh Artist of the Year, and has undertaken many public and private commissions and exhibited in many UK galleries, including Heart Gallery Christmas 2008.

Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Lynn’s new collection for Heart Gallery depicts everyday life with colourful rows of houses and wire people going about their daily business.

Early Morning

Early Morning

Her pieces are made from a mixture of metals and wire, the houses are made from anodised aluminium which she hand cuts and colours herself, around each house is a mild steel wire framework which is welded in place, once the process of welding each house is complete, the whole sculpture can be welded together.

Holiday (detail)

Holiday (detail)

Lynn uses recycled tin to form the flowers, clouds and ladies dresses, she also uses felt to form birds and sheep.



We adore Lynn’s work and have a few customers who are keen collectors so they will be so pleased that her colourful work is back with us in Hebden Bridge.

Breezy Day (detail)

Breezy Day (detail)

We are happy to discuss commissioned pieces with you as Lynn will be able to add a personal touch to a sculpture or for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary … get your thinking caps on! Here is a list of the type of information we would need so Lynn can make for you:

In The Park

In The Park

Size of sculpture, colour preference of houses, adding personal touches such as family members, or people walking, carrying handbags/newspapers, walking sticks, pushing a pram, walking dogs (dogs will be made from wire – no colour as they are too small), cycling, sitting on benches, cats (cats will also be made from wire) and birds (birds can be either small cream felt birds with copper wire eyes and beak or larger white metal birds which are more like seagulls/pigeons, small bees which have a black felt body with copper wire stripes and feelers etc. Names and dates can be stamped into clouds or houses, and she can include street names or house names.

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Trumpet roll …. hurrah! Here is a new feature for you my lovelies and I hope you like it.

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things will feature mid week and will be just a short little blog post featuring our favourite things that week of course! So here is today’s …. enjoy x

Feb 18th

Ceramics: Kate Thorburn

Jewellery: Alice Clarke

Glass: Andy Poplar

Textiles: Rachael Taylor

Meet The Maker – Kate Thorburn

Kate Thorburn -

Kate Thorburn – Surface Pattern Designer

Kate Thorburn is a Yorkshire based surface pattern designer having a background in both ceramic and card design. She successfully completed an MA in ceramic design at Staffordshire University in 2007 and is very excited by the launch of her own range of ceramics ‘What Kate Loves’ in September 2014.

Kate enjoying her work

Kate enjoying her work

Kate has a love of nature and takes her influences from walks in wild places to explore pattern and texture in her designs. In her work there is a strong emphasis on colour, pattern and decorative details.

Timeless elegance from Kate Thorburn

Timeless elegance from Kate Thorburn

Kate is a collector of beautiful objects, lovely jugs and plates and images such as old postcards as well as objects she has found like pinecones and shells, which she has found on her travels.

Coasters and plates by Kate Thorburn also make fabulous wall pieces

Coasters and plates by Kate Thorburn would also make fabulous wall pieces

Launching her range under the name ‘What Kate Loves’, Kate hopes to create a range that draws on the past traditions and combines this with contemporary trends to develop her own unique style. It is hoped that the beauty and elegance of this collection will have the ‘timeless elegance’ to become the treasured objects of the future.

Ceramics - Kate Thorburn

Ceramics – Kate Thorburn

The ‘blue and white’ collection stems from Kate’s love of the simplicity of blue and white, whether it be willow pattern, ditsy florals or more contemporary patterns-its the perfect combination. Kate loves to draw and finds inspiration from everything around her. Walking through meadows in the countryside, picking up some vintage fabrics or simply making doodles.

What's not to love about Kate's beautifully illustrated mugs?

What’s not to love about Kate’s beautifully illustrated mugs?

Kate wanted to create her own beautiful range of blue and white that draws on her loves. The range is designed to be both decorative and functional. The range has great accent pieces that can be mixed and matched with the more pattern-based designs to bring individuality to the home. Pieces such as the bowl are beautiful displayed just on their own.

Beautiful bowl - Kate Thorburn

Beautiful bowl – Kate Thorburn

The elegant artwork is all hand drawn by Kate; she then combines her drawings digitally to create her own unique style. Individual designs are created for each and every product for a very special collection!

Nice jugs!

Nice jugs!

This is a British made range of the highest quality, keeping the heritage alive. All Kate’s  ceramics are proudly made in Stoke-on-Trent at Royal Overhouse Manufactory for Designer’s at Royal Stafford and we are proud to be showcasing them early 2015.

Ceramics - Kate Thorburn

Ceramics – Kate Thorburn

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are busy, busy, busy finalising the 2015 programme right now and that has meant another studio trip this week – boy I do love my job! 9 years ago I took a leap of faith and needed to find some courage to begin this new journey but I have never looked back. (You can read more about this here if you so wish).

COURAGE -  a reminder in Angela's studio

COURAGE – a painted reminder in Angela’s studio

The studio visit this week was another local one, Angela Smyth’s, and a studio I do visit quite frequently as somehow it always cuddles me and keeps me safe if that makes sense?

Angela always has fresh flowers in her studio

Angela always has fresh flowers in her studio

When Angela and I meet there is always coffee, always cake, always laughter and sometimes tears! There is always creative chat too and this week was no exception as we planned her October exhibition with us. We are all ever so excited about this one as Angela is working with an artist she has admired and respected for a long time (as we have here at Heart Gallery), multi-media artist Kirsty Elson.

This resonates with me

If you stand still in Angela’s studio you are likely to be painted – this resonates with me

Kirsty is a big fan of Angela’s work too so this will be a great collaboration and we can’t wait to give you more snippets of what’s in store for October … it is going to be an exciting show. In the meantime, more on my visit to Angela’s studio:

Ssshhhh, Angela thought I was only taking a picture of her paints and work table!

Ssshhhh, Angela thought I was only taking a picture of her paints and work table!

Close up of Angela's paints and brushes - why am I not surprised by the water vessel!

Close up of Angela’s paints and brushes – why am I not surprised by the water vessel!

Angela always takes Ruby to the studio who loves all the space she has there but when I arrive she wants to head out to the vast corridor in the mill to play ball games with me, which I really don’t mind doing at all…who could deny this beauty a runaround?

Please play with me Alison!

Please play with me Alison!

No studio should be without fairy lights should it and Angela’s is no exception to that unwritten rule. These have been gaily strung against one of the white painted brick walls offering a warm and inviting glow.

Who doesn't want fairy lights twinkling when you are working?

Who doesn’t want fairy lights twinkling when you are working?

Angela’s studio is always busy and I love the way that her walk to work, who she meets, her trip to Cafe No 5 can all influence how she starts the day and what she paints.

Finished work ends up underneath her really large table until it finds a new home.

Finished work ends up underneath her really large table until it finds a new home.

These are heading for Angela's Box Of Everything which is the main piece in the exhibition in October.

These are heading for Angela’s Box Of Everything which is the main piece in the exhibition in October.

Angela paints without constraints and is lead by her feelings, her paper, the light in her studio, the colours of her paints, everything really and that takes away any pressures for her so that the paint can flow freely. I believe that Kirsty also works this way; allowing the driftwood she collects to inform the finished piece. Our exhibition with Angela and Kirsty is certainly one for your diary folks so watch this space for more news! In the meantime, please do watch this short video of Kirsty to whet your appetite.

Angela can paint anything and everything, even this chair has been given the Angela Smyth treatment x

Angela can paint anything and everything, even this chair has been given the Angela Smyth treatment x

Angela has been offered a month’s residency in Italy this summer which will be an amazing opportunity for her and also for her son who is heading out there with her (I did offer to carry her brushes). We wish her a safe and wonderful journey which I’m sure you will do too and look forward to seeing the pictures.