Neil Kendall – A master of vintage Burlesque Photography

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In a week’s time, the great and the good (and the best of the naughty too) of the Burlesque world will descend on our sleepy Yorkshire Valley for a long weekend celebrating the marvellous world of Alternative Cabaret. Taking place over 4 days and nights from 30th April – 3rd May, Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival will be showcasing over 50 amazing performers from all over the UK, Europe and USA. Full line-ups, information and tickets can be found here at 4 days, 5 venues, 8 live events, 12 workshops and over 50 amazing performers. Come help us paint Yorkshire fabulous!


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Heart Gallery is delighted to once more support and be part of this year’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival and would like to introduce you to Neil Kendall who will be showcasing his amazing photography in our Picture Gallery from Friday 1st May – Sunday 3rd May alongside a few pieces from his notorious Striptease Museum.

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Neil Kendall is internationally recognised as  a master of vintage Burlesque Photography and was named this year (2015)  as ‘The World’s Great Burlesque Photographer’ in Burlesque Bible magazine.

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Neil has worked with the world’s greatest and most infamous Burlesque performers including Dita Von Teese, Dirty Martini, Lada Redstar and Lou Lou D’vil but for this brief (no pun intended!) but varied and interesting exhibition he is focusing on UK based performers – home grown talent, some of whom will be appearing at this year’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival including Vicky Butterfly, Raven Noir and Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival’s very own Lady Wildflower.

Lady Wildflower

His unique sense of vintage style and lighting is showcased in all of his work  and his images are known for their distinctly cinematic flavour.

Guiditta 3

For over 20 years Neil has worked on both sides of the Atlantic and his work has appeared in places as varied as Gay Times to Vogue and in locations as diverse as Hollywood Boulevard to Blackpool Tower.

Vicky 1

Best known for his Burlesque Photography Neil shies away from creating the overly familiar cheescake pin ups so closely associated with the genre and instead focuses on the darker, more exotic set ups where his subjects slither, snarl or play in front of his lense to create whats he feels are ‘more powerful images’ of Burlesque Artists, often shooting them in locations and sets which reflect the artist’s own performance style.

Missy book

Neil’s association to the Burlesque scene goes back to 1990 in California at the start his long friendship with Dixie Evans ‘the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque’ and custodian of the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas; she recently passed away aged 84 in 2012.

vicky shoulder

Neil’s work in the international Burlesque Community has extended to film making, show production and  he has two recently published books on the subject.

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Neil lives in Chester in a house filled with memorobilia and antique props from his shoots…no there’s a house many of us would like to visit, imagine that dressing up box! See more of Neil’s work here folks, call for a chat with him in the gallery on Saturday 2nd May and see you next weekend x

Meet The Maker – Grant Helliwell

Grant Helliwell 2Grant is a 21 year old artisan Dry Stone Waller based here in Calderdale.

2015-04-19 14.15.31Dry Stone Walling is a highly skilled, centuries old craft and Grant imbues the finest traditions of the art in every job that he does.

2015-04-19 14.08.10Grant’s work takes him all over Yorkshire and no job is too big or too small.

2015-04-19 14.10.21His first large scale commission was in 2010 when he built over 130 metres of dry stone walling at Luddendenfoot Cricket Club.

2015-04-19 14.14.30His smallest scale jobs are now these miniature crafted dry stone walls for Heart Gallery. Grant uses the same skill set, care and attention with these pieces that he gives to his full size walls.

2015-04-19 14.09.36These small scale walls are all individually made and unique with no two ever being the same.

2015-04-19 14.13.09Grant is happy to work to commission if you have specific details you want adding so do please ask us about this service. We can carve plaques withing the stone to depict your house/homestead.

2015-04-19 14.07.59You can see Grant’s miniature dry stone walls exclusively in Heart Gallery and you can also contact him for your larger scale jobs too.

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Meet The Maker – Kelly Munro

Kelly Munro - Jeweller

Kelly Munro – Jeweller

Kelly’s inspiration is drawn from her heritage and homeland. She was born in a small town in the far north coast of Scotland, well known for its historical fishing industry.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Kelly is surrounded by small abandoned ports around the coast, and has had a particular interest in fishing equipment used in the past and present. This inspiration was reflected in the lobster pots as a starting point for her graduation show work.

Blue wooden pendant - Kelly Munro

Blue wooden pendant – Kelly Munro

This has evolved through various stages of material exploration and Kelly has settled at the combination of ‘weathering’ wood and traditional metal techniques – her finished pieces are stunning.

Blue Wooden earrings - Kelly Munro

Blue Wooden earrings – Kelly Munro

The technique of intricate saw piercing enables Kelly to create nets and lightweight structures. She aims to shadow the forms of the fishing nets and pots, and loosely interpret these shapes in her own way.

Silver Open Creel Pendant - Kelly Munro

Silver Open Creel Pendant – Kelly Munro

The technique of pyrography also plays an important role in Kelly’s pieces allowing her to create often detailed patterns combined with charred edges and loose paint strokes, mirroring the intricately knotted nets of the trade combined with wind beaten driftwood.

Creel and blue wood earrings - Kelly Munro

Creel and blue wood earrings with oxidised silver – Kelly Munro

Kelly’s finished pieces combine branded wood, knotted rubber and delicately pierced metal, both precious and non- precious.

Necklace - Kelly Munro

Necklace – Kelly Munro

By using the traditional process of wood burning Kelly then uses her own tools to manipulate the surface of the wood.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Combining this with hand pierced structures that loosely represent fishing nets she tries to capture the rustic feel of her homeland and fishing heritage at the very far north coast of Scotland.

Brooch - Kelly Munro

Brooch – Kelly Munro

Kelly’s work aims to portray the rustic look of items found near harbours and tide lines.

Barrell Pendant with Blue Wooden Insert - Kelly Munro

Barrell Pendant with Blue Wooden Insert – Kelly Munro

We have long admired Kelly’s work so we are now delighted to be stocking a small range from her.

flow – a magazine for paper lovers

Bladerbaar Internationaal0814Flow is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. It’s a magazine that takes its time. Flow celebrates creativity, imperfection, and life’s little pleasures.

A snippet from our current edition of flow magazine

A snippet from our current edition of flow magazine

The ideas behind this Dutch magazine were hatched in an attic room several years ago. Kiara and the team love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of much-loved paper and they even print the magazine itself on different types of paper.

A snippet from our current edition of flow magazine

A snippet from our current edition of flow magazine

Hooray, Flow’s new Book for Paper Lovers is now available!   Another book without any letters (well, almost…), and with more than 300 pages of stationery instead.

Flow_bladereditie_Paperbook2_WooCommerceWith lots and lots of paper to write on, to tear out, to glue together, to cut, and to fold.

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

This second edition includes lots of new goodies: mini-envelopes, posters, a letter garland, stationery, craft paper, coloring pages, gift wrapping, labels, a flip-up house, stickers, paper dolls, gift bags and more.

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

For the artwork they collaborated with famous illustrators from across the world, such as Ruby Taylor, Suzy Ultman, Geertje Aalders and Silvia Dekker.

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

A snippet from our current edition of flow book for paper lovers

You can get both the magazine and the book in Heart Gallery right now so if you are a big fan of paper and you haven’t bought this before do call in for a read to see if you like it … what’s not to love about paper?