Meet The Maker – Aimee Furnival

Aimee Furnival

Aimée Furnival set up Another Studio in 2009 with the aim to produce beautifully designed, stylish gift and homeware products.


Each range offers something original and unexpected, be it pop-up growing kits, three dimensional stationery, architectural model kits or hand folded steel vases.


Inspiration is drawn from architecture, cities, ephemera, botanics, historic styles and fabrication.


Also inspired by origami Aimee loves to work with sheet material; be it paper, metal or wood. Aimee and her design team get really excited by the challenges of transforming something flat into a 3D form. They innovate by combining traditional materials with modern production methods and mix machine and handmade processes.

Lifestyle_trio3The Convert Vase are a trio of multi faceted vessels made from a flat sheet of steel. Each sheet is carefully folded and converted into shape by hand in the studio. The surface of the vases have a semi-matt finish and geometric patterns to create a soft aesthetic. Each vessel includes a plastic container inside to hold water and flowers.


You’ll never have to search for a pen or pencil again if you own one of Aimee’s pencil pots! Made by hand these pencil pots are formed from American walnut or steamed beech wood. Each piece has a coloured fabric lining and comes complete with a solid wood base to give added strength.These small pots make great stylish gifts and will bring calm and order to your desk. They have a natural uncoated finish to give a soft harmonious aesthetic.


Aimee’s approach to design is thoughtful and experimental. She loves to play, develop and refine ideas into a product until she feels  it’s intriguing and different enough to make the cut.

medium-white-2Alongside developing their own designs Aimee and her design team also undertake commissions to create bespoke and exclusive designs for culturally and creative minded companies.


At the heart of Aimee’s studio is the notion that a creative idea combined with playful material exploration will result in brilliant designs and we certainly agree with that statement here at Heart Gallery.

Meet The Maker – Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox bw

Amanda studied jewellery & silversmithing at Plymouth College of Art & Design in the mid 70’s and went on to employment as designer/maker in the trade in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter and there after in London.

b76 b lily large cuff bangle black £238

In the 80’s to early 90’s she set up her first workshop in Hatton Garden and leased a stall at Covent Garden’s Craft Market; had a workshop in Birmingham’s Craft Market and a jewellery studio and gallery in Plymouth.

cl32 g lily cufflinks grey £140

Between 1989 and 1998 Amanda was a lecturer at Plymouth College of Art & Design. Leaving Devon in the late summer of ’98, Amanda returned to her original passion – designing and creating jewellery collections at her studio now based in our beautiful town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

e32ds p Lily med drop short earrings pink £120

Amanda’s work has developed from, and is inspired by, an exploration of the tactile properties of metal, combined with the visual qualities of simple organic forms discovered through nature.

r76 lily large white ring £170

Amanda’s delicately beautiful ‘Lily’ designs are silver and incorporate freshwater pearls in various hues and are elegant bridal and partnership pieces as well as the perfect gift or treat for anyone from aged 16 and upwards as it is timeless.

mrpsd ox p b med pendant black pearl drop peridot £143

Amanda also makes us a ‘Rose’ collection in both polished and oxidised silver and incorporating freshwater pearls in various hues. Amanda is also experimenting with semi-precious stones and diamonds with this range and you can discuss this option with Heart Gallery…here you can see the beautiful peridot balanced with a gorgeous hand-dyed pearl.

mrr ox p medium ring oxidised rose and peridot £175

Amanda’s latest collection for us was a couple of years in the design process and we were so excited to launch it at Heart Gallery during the Autumn of 2014.

pal3 y large acorn white pearl yellow vermeil £176

This ‘Oak’ collection has proved just as popular as Amanda’s Lily collection and includes acorns and leaves in silver and yellow gold or rose gold vermeil with freshwater pearls.

eha2 bi b lge hoops peacock pearl silver £150

Heart Gallery can also have any of Amanda’s designs made in either white gold or yellow gold and can quote for this so do please ask if you prefer your piece not in silver.

pal2 r med acorn pink pearl rose vermeil £135

Heart Gallery is proud to showcase Amanda’s work and because Amanda is one of Heart Gallery’s local designer/makers she is available for commission work also.

e32s med studs pink £100

Meet The Maker – Jillian Riley

Jillian Riley sml

Drawing inspiration from her love of flora and fauna, an interest in mythology and things just a little on the dark
side Jillian has created a collection of bottles with a twist.

Heart-01 low res

Jillian takes old poison and scientific bottles and slip casts them in parian or porcelain clay.

JR-04 low res

Some may be decorated with oxides, waxes and her own pencil and pen & ink illustrations of bugs, birds and poisonous plants.

J-Riley-03 low res

Some will become more sculptural. Using reclaimed woods Jillian will turn stoppers to support individually sculpted porcelain birds. Using a mixture of her own silver work and ‘lost and unloved’ items she will decorate each bottle to fit the character of the bird.

JR-09 low res

By the nature of the way Jillian creates the bottles your piece will be unique which is what we love about Jillian’s work here at Heart Gallery.

JR-06 low res

Meet The Maker – Bronwen Tyler-Jones

Bronwen Tyler-Jones

Bronwen studied at Birmingham School of Jewellery gaining both a BA and MA in Silversmithing and Jewellery. Since leaving in 1996 she has been making her Metalwork Inventions and range of Jewellery from her workshop in Hereford. It was the same year that Bronwen began work at the Hereford College of Arts running the Jewellery workshop and 20 years later she is still happily doing both.

pressed heart pendantsThe inspirations for her pieces are taken from a diverse range of influences such as comedy, mechanical components, symbols, movement and text. Words and narrative derived from all areas play an essential role in the thought process and construction of her pieces; one word or phrase can spark off a whole range of ideas. More recently her children Eva and Fred have been the source of great inspiration and as a result everything is a little more ‘rose tinted’.


The processes and techniques that Bronwen uses to produce her work include etching, press-forming, patination, stamping and embossing and a lot of soldering! She works in both precious and non-precious metals and enjoys the diversity the range of materials gives her.

Etched oval Neck

Bronwen’s aim is to produce pieces that can be handled or worn on a daily basis. Each piece has a unique character that is further developed through the personality of the ‘owner’.

stack of letter rings

We have worked with Bronwen since 2008 and many of our customers now wear a unique piece of commissioned jewellery with its own personal message. Bronwen has made 18th Birthday pressies, ‘Marry Me’ rings, hand-fasting and wedding rings and special mummy gifts celebrating the arrival of long awaited babies; each piece made with love, given with love and precious to its owner.

tiny candle

Meet The Maker – Gabriela Szulman

Gabriella Szulman

Say hello to Gabriela and I know you will make Gabriela feel at home here at Heart Gallery, she’s a newbie to the North! After a short trip to Brighton earlier this year to stay with one of my artist’s down there, Teresa Winchester, and a day in London visiting various places for inspiration including MADE, I came across Gabriela’s fascinating work.

doll 2 0716 low res

Gabriela grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but South London has been her home for many years now. She lives in Camberwell, where she attended the College of Art in the early 90s. After graduation, Gabriela ran a ceramics studio for twelve years, supplying a number of galleries across the UK and also selling internationally.

doll 5 0716 low resMore recently her work has changed direction and she moved away from clay to start exploring ideas on paper and canvas, which led her to take an MA in studio printmaking from The University of Brighton, completed in 2007.

round butterfly brooch 0716 low resGabriela’s current work draws on memory, nostalgia and found images. Second-hand bookshops, junk shops, market stalls, attics and long-forgotten boxes are her treasure trove.

oval stamp brooch 0716 low res
The layering of found imagery and memorabilia through collage and decoupage runs across all her creations, and she uses both these techniques to create pictures, jewellery and art dolls, and she upcycles anything from shoes to furniture.

doll 3 0716 low resGabriela has a growing archive of vintage magazines, scraps of paper, postcards, letters and photographs that provide her with reference material and inspiration. She is also drawn to colour and pattern, both of which are strong elements in her work.

doll 4 0716 low resGabriela’s Vintage Collection comprises prints, cards, jewellery and art dolls and is inspired by her grandmother’s women’s magazines from the 40s and 50s, fashion, Victoriana, technical manuals and illustrated dictionaries among other things.

oval flower brooch 0716 low resHere at Heart Gallery we love the whimsical as you know so Gabriela’s work is simply perfect for us. Do call in to see her fab range of jewellery and art dolls that have now arrived safely with us … the ladies had a lovely time en route to Hebden Bridge and hope to make lots of friends in Yorkshire and beyond!

doll 1 0716 low resOh, by the way, if you are ever near Camberwell, Gabriela runs amazing workshops that I thoroughly recommend you try if you can. Find out more here.




Meet The Maker – Alice Clarke

Alice Clarke

Meet Alice … Alice lives in the heart of the countryside; her work to date has always been inspired by what’s around her in her rural surroundings.

1It has shaped and evolved the way she sees her jewellery and practice. The ever-changing way of rural life has encouraged and fed Alice’s ideas.

3When designing and making jewellery Alice takes inspiration from the great outdoors and has delved into the fascinating world of Lichen.


Lichens are impressive organisms made up of algae and fungi, taking what they need to survive and thrive from the air around them.


Alice’s collection for Heart Gallery thrives here … we think our customers love her bold pieces.

flute ring


Shop Local posters.pdf

Watermark Calderdale is a campaign to build a resilience fund for our towns for future flooding. Their aim is to build a pot of money that can be accessed by businesses & households immediately when future floods hit (because they will – it may be 5 years time, it may be next week!).

Our Shop Was flooded - poster A4.pdf

Watermark is a not-for-profit campaign and is a joint venture between Totally Locally its founder Chris Sands and Community Foundation for Calderdale.

Walking in to Heart Gallery when the flood waters finally subsided was heartbreaking

Walking in to Heart Gallery when the flood waters finally subsided was heartbreaking


As you already know we have seen first hand how invasive flood water is to homes and businesses and moving forward from the Boxing Day floods of 2015 we will have no insurance cover when it happens again. This is why Heart Gallery is delighted to be working with local artists to produce EXCLUSIVE TO HEART GALLERY products to raise much needed pennies for this great campaign.

Hebden Spirit bottle
We have worked with Andy Poplar now for 5 years and it just felt right to ask him to produce a piece for us that celebrated everything that was so great about our community in the days following the floods, something that can’t be broken – the Hebden Spirit! This bottle is now available from us in a 250ml size with £10 from the sale going into the Watermark Fund and a 500ml size with £15 from the sale going to into the Watermark Fund.

postcard set

Another of our much loved local artists is painter and printmaker Julia Ogden (she was a Heart Gallery Princess for over 5 years before taking the leap into her own creative practice!). Julia has created a set of 6 postcards celebrating the positive within our community. And let’s face it right now, who doesn’t want to send a bit of kindness through the post, I know I am not alone in knowing we really do need this in our lives now more than ever before! These retail for £12 and £5 will be popped into the fund for every set sold at Heart Gallery.

Isobel Cortese Strong Tea

Isobel is another of our local artists that you love since she started her new business venture with us over 2 years ago so it felt right to ask her to come up with a Watermark product too. I know alcohol kept me going the early part of this year but so did tea so this everlasting terrarium is perfect! It retails at £80 and £20 is going into the Watermark Fund from every sale in Heart Gallery.

The Mighty Calder Valley - Pippa

Our fourth product is another beauty! Our very own Pippa Dyrlaga, Heart Gallery Princess, (also known as Bear Follows Cat) has produced an amazing paper cut for us. We currently have the framed original on our wall retailing at £340 and £40 will be donated to the Watermark Fund when it sells (not sure how long this will hang around for though!). Fear not though because Pippa has also produced a limited print run of 100 in the reverse colourway you see here on the original paper cut and they are retailing for £35 with £10 from every one sold in Heart Gallery going into the Watermark Fund.

welcome to Heart Gallery small for web

It’s important to stress that all our artists making Watermark products for us are being paid as normal for their hours and their materials and it is Heart Gallery that is donating its commission from the sale into the Watermark Fund. We hope to see you in Heart Gallery soon x