Solo Exhibition with local artist Kate Lycett
Preview Thursday 26th March 6 – 9pm
Exhibition runs until 21st June 2015

Kate Lycett

Kate Lycett

WATER & LIGHT is our second solo exhibition with Kate and some of the paintings in this have been inspired by her regular running route between the canal and the river between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden.

Woodhouse Mill

Woodhouse Mill – Kate Lycett

Kate walks and runs between the river and the canal and is often struck by the contrast of the power of one, and the stillness of the other. The water mirrors the changing colours; the colours change with the light.

As The Crow Flies - Kate Lycett

As The Crow Flies – Kate Lycett

There is nowhere quite like Yorkshire for that fast changing light that leaves you in the gloom one moment and in luminous, saturated colour the next.

The Town Hall - Kate Lycett

The Town Hall – Kate Lycett

In the vastness of the landscape you can see the patches of light heading towards you across the hills, or the shadows coming ready to drain everywhere of colour.

Eight Bells - Kate Lycett

Eight Bells – Kate Lycett

Kate couldn’t live anywhere where the sun shone all the time. The brilliance of those technicolour moments takes her breath away.

The Big Park - Kate Lycett

The Big Park – Kate Lycett

Those who know and love Hebden Bridge and this valley can certainly recognise these moments and identify with Kate … and that’s one reason why they love Hebden Bridge and Kate’s paintings so much! That exactness in Kate’s work remains faithful to the reality she sees and because of this her collectors return time and time again to Heart Gallery.

Lumb Falls - Kate Lycett

Lumb Falls – Kate Lycett

Kate grew up in Suffolk where the skies are vast and the land is low and flat. Her grandad was an architect and taught her the rudiments of technical drawing when she was 9. He made her a drawing board and a T square, taught her the rules of perspective and showed her how to sharpen a pencil with a knife. In 1995 Kate ventured north to York to study fine art at University and specialised in textile design. She spent 3 years playing with pots of wax, resin, shiny fabrics and butterfly’s wings. An Msc followed at Huddersfield where she studied industrial applications and CAD; fewer butterflies, more Loom Sheds! She worked for several years as a commercial textile designer.

Lower Laithe Reservoir - Kate Lycett

Lower Laithe Reservoir – Kate Lycett

To escape the restrictions of corporate design briefs Kate began to paint again; she missed her fingers being permanently stained with Prussian blue! A move to West Yorkshire in 2005 prompted a sudden change in style; from colourfull abstracts, to opulent landscapes. The striking landscape of Hebden Bridge and the surrounding valley have informed her work every since with buildings also featuring in many of her pantings as she loves how they stack up into the hills with under dwellings and over dwellings.

Allotments - Kate Lycett

Allotments – Kate Lycett

Kate’s textile background is always present in her paintings informing what she paints and interpreting what she sees into patterns. The gold leaf and the threads she hand finishes everything with draw your eye across though the painting, and they change the surface with the changing light of day. Kate’s paintings are full of life, warmth and exuberant colour built up by her careful mix of inks, watercolours, acrylic and gouache.

The Hammock - Kate Lycett

The Hammock – Kate Lycett

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneaky peek at Kate’s new paintings which include Heptonstall, Honey Hole, Todmorden and Haworth. Although buildings still feature heavily in her work you can also see chickens this time bringing extra splashes of colour to her vivacious paintings.

The Parsonage - Kate Lycett

The Parsonage – Kate Lycett

Dates For Your Diary:

Thursday 26th March 2015, 6pm – 9pm

Preview of ‘Water & Light’ at Heart Gallery with local artist Kate Lycett.

Purchase original paintings and limited edition prints and meet the artist.

Thursday 16th April, 7.30pm – 9pm

Demo with Kate Lycett.

An evening with Kate Lycett in Heart Gallery as she talks us through some of her processes and the inspiration behind her finished paintings for the exhibition ‘Water & Light’.

As space is limited this event is by ticket only – available to purchase from Heart Gallery, £5 each including a drink.

Please note this Demo evening with Kate has SOLD OUT.

Thursday 30th April, 11am – 4pm

Pop Up Studio.

A rare opportunity to see Kate at work as she ‘pops up’ in Heart Gallery with her paints and brushes.


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Happy Wednesday folks, here’s our midweek little blog post on what is currently making our hearts sing in Heart Gallery … a gentle nod again to Mother’s Day of course!


Mar 10thSmall jug: Julia Davey (perfect for fresh cream she can pour over something sweet)
Aquamarine ring (birthstone for March): Charlotte Bezzant
Meerkat cushion: Jinny Ursell (Mum can rest her weary head whilst relaxing with Kinfolk)
Kinfolk Magazine (tell mum to put her feet up and browse through this Entrepreneurial Issue Fifteen)

Mother’s Day – a gift from the heart

I guess technically it’s Mother’s Day every day, rarely a moment goes by when we don’t look to our mothers to fulfil some need or other if we are lucky enough to still have them in our lives. Sadly, I lost my Mum 18 years ago so I don’t have this privilege. I do have a lovely step-mum though who has kept my Dad happy for 26 years. Sandra has been a rock and has seen me through many ups and downs offering sound advice on numerous occasions so once more I will be giving her a gift from the heart on March 15th, Mother’s Day.

Nice jugs!

Nice jugs!


I have had my eye on these jugs by Kate Thorburn for some time so last week thought I would buy the largest one in preparation for Mother’s Day. I now only need to buy a lovely bunch of Spring daffs to put in it – won’t the yellow just sing out perfectly with the blue and white my friends?

Here is a small selection of pieces currently in Heart Gallery that won’t break the bank but of course if you visit us in Hebden Bridge you are bound to see lots of other lovely goodies for Mum!

mothers dayGlass: Andy Poplar £20
Driftwood tokens: Ella Robinson from £20
The Simple Things Magazine £4.99
Ceramic tokens: Laura Crooks £10

I’d actually quite like the gift of a few minutes peace and quiet (ahem, if my brood is listening … salted caramel green tea, homemade biscuits and a good book or a great magazine please)!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there … I hope your brood celebrates the wonderful woman that you are with a gift from the heart xXx



Meet The Maker – Margo Selby

Margo Selby - Textile Artist

Margo Selby – Textile Artist

Margo always loved working with textiles as a child. There was a history in her family of women making textiles in the home and her grandmother first taught her to crotchet and cross-stitch.

Weaving workshop

Weaving workshop

Margo got her first loom with a setting up grant from the crafts council in 2003, prior to that she used the looms at The Ann Sutton Foundation and the colleges she studied at. ( Chelsea and RCA).

Scarves - new collection

Scarves – new collection

When Margo first graduated she worked as a freelance woven textile designer for mills and so she has a network of manufacturing contacts that she has built up throughout her career both as a freelancer and producer.

Silk Clasp purses - new collection

Silk Clasp purses – new collection

Margo likes to explore technical constructions on her hand-loom, combining fibres and structure to innovate new fabrics and patterns. She is always interested in exploring new materials and techniques both in hand weaving and industrial production.

Jude - large standard silk scarf

Jude – large standard silk scarf

There is deep thought and hands-on development behind every product Margo designs and creates. She is first and foremost a weaver and a craftsperson, so the time she spends making on the hand-loom is reflected in the final product.

Sherbert - large standard silk scarf

Sherbert – large standard silk scarf

Margo has always been drawn to surface and texture and enjoys mixing different fibres to see how they react with one another. She has researched fibres that would shrink when heated and has tried weaving these in combination with silk to create three-dimensional surfaces.  This process led Margo to the silk and lycra combinations used in her first collection.

Liberty - clasp purse

Liberty – clasp purse

Since then Margo has continued to develop this concept by exploring new heat shrink yarns and combining them with more durable fibers like cotton and polyester to create stronger fabrics suitable for interior applications.

Eton - large standard silk scarf

Eton – large standard silk scarf

The work of the Bauhaus designers has always been an inspiration to Margo’s design process. She feels she can compare herself to them in that she is equally passionate about creating a piece of weaving which celebrates the beauty of a woven textile as an artform as well as developing ideas in weaving which are suitable for industrial production. Weaving is her passion and starting point for all that she does whether it be a one-off artpiece or a commercial design. The two are intrinsically linked and symbiotic.

Dogstar - clasp purse

Dogstar – clasp purse

Margo loves creating fabric and enjoys the sensuality of texture, colour and touch. Margo hopes her passion for the cloth enables people who are living and working with her products to share some of that enthusiasm.

Naomi - scarf

Naomi – scarf

Margo started her business twelve years ago working on a hand-loom in her bedroom. Since then, it has grown to include a busy textile studio employing eight full-time members of staff and a team of piece workers in Whitstable, weaving bespoke textiles for a wide variety of end uses.

Auckland - large standard silk scarf

Auckland – large standard silk scarf

In recent years Margo and her team have expanded their range to include floor coverings, towels and bedlinen, seeing some of their classic designs re-interpreted for new applications.

Loom - sampling

Loom – sampling

Having stocked Margo’s textiles for a number of years her collections never disappoint us. The care she takes and the quality of the final piece for us ensures that our customers can invest in an heirloom of the future.

Silk Scarves - new collection

Silk Scarves – new collection

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

And here we are again, boy do these weeks fly by! Our midweek special These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things is proving popular so thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and read this short but sweet post every week; you are all stars!


This week’s montage is kind of a helpful hint for Mother’s Day so enjoy:

Mar 4th

Etched Glass Milk Bottle: Andy Poplar
Mrs Lovely Mug: Happy Jackson
Peep Apron: Herdy
Silver & Gold Plate Necklace: Claire Troughton
Bordeaux Fig & Vetiver Soy Candle: Eco range PaddyWax

Meet The Maker – Abby Filer

Abby Filer - Jeweller

Abby Filer – Jeweller


Abby is a contemporary fashion jewellery designer/maker. She works with silver, printed aluminium, enamels, pearls and precious stones to create fun, feminine and easily wearable pieces of jewellery.

Aquamarine pendant - Abby Filer

Aquamarine pendant – Abby Filer


Abby looked into the ancient folklore surrounding precious stones, their believed meanings and importance in ancient times to inspire her new collection for us called ‘spun gems’.

Topaz Bangle - Abby Filer

Topaz Bangle – Abby Filer


Abby has created individual pieces of jewellery which hold precious stones safely inside a maze of silver wire, keeping the magic the stones are said to provide safe within the pieces of jewellery.

Wrap rings - Abby Filer

Wrap rings – Abby Filer


Abby graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 and now runs her business Abby Filer Jewellery from her shop Franny & Filer, which she opened with friend and fellow jeweller Frances Stunt in 2009.

Peridot studs - Abby Filer

Peridot studs – Abby Filer


These are some of the stones Abby has used for her new collection for us which has arrived in Hebden Bridge just in time for Mother’s Day:

Amethyst – a symbol of sincerity and stability and protects from drunkenness.

Aquamarine – known as the treasure of mermaids and symbolises safety and security.

Sapphire – encourages creativity; is the stone of inner peace and meditation; reduces pain.

Topaz ring - Abby Filer

Topaz ring – Abby Filer


Topaz – drives away sadness and strengthens intellect.

Peridot – helps relationship issues; reduces anger and jealousy; encourages prosperity.

Peridot bracelet - Abby Filer

Peridot bracelet – Abby Filer


We hope to see you soon and of course Abby is happy to include your birthstone if you wish:

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Moonstone/Pearl
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal
  • November – Citrine
  • December – Topaz

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Here we are again my friends … I am really loving this little feature and I hope that you are too. It is not set in stone when it will appear as it depends on when our favourite things sing to us of course so this week it’s a Thursday post!

fav things

Metal sculpture: Lynn Walters

Topaz and silver bangle: Abby Filer

Ceramics: Kate Thorburn (we can’t get enough of her amazing pieces so we have featured her again)

Pearl Acorn & Oak Leaf gold vermeil necklace: Amanda Cox