New Website

Well my friends, a shiny new website is long overdue but those following this blog will understand that I’ve kind of been a wee bit busy this year with other things! Here’s a reminder (if you needed one) to see how bloody hard all the small businesses in Hebden Bridge have worked to get back open again …

start-of-yearThe top picture here was taken by Helen Baron at Ribbon Circus just down Market Street from Heart Gallery as I don’t have one of the gallery because I couldn’t get in to the town.

ripping-outEventually we started ripping out the interior and working behind the scenes on any salvaged furniture we had.

stitching-backThen we started to stitch ourselves back together … properly!

plasteringConcrete was poured and walls sandblasted and we were making great progress …. then we had the ‘Flood from Above’!

flood-from-abovA burst water pipe in the early hours of the morning one Sunday saw gallons and gallons damage all the work we had done and bring ceilings crashing down!

floor-and-cabinetsWe really didn’t want any further delays so we just cracked on behind the scenes renovating the cabinets, weeks prepping and painting them and using wallpaper kindly donated by local artist Hannah Nunn from her new range, and the floor had to be put down before the decorating began as we had to dry out again!

decoratingThe decorating finally began and the ‘West End Boys’ started on the interior from my brief whilst Eco Deco and Charlie started on the exterior … we finally felt like we could see the finishing line! Vince at Abacus came to help us finish the new cabinets we commissioned Wood & Wire to make for us.

counterWith the builders off site finally towards the middle of June we had a tight schedule to get the counter and cabinets in and start to dress our lovely new space in time to open for the 24th June!

opening-dayBut we managed it! Re-opening on 24th June was amazing and emotional. There is still so much to do but we are getting there and really excited to be revealing our shiny new website soon with the help of local company Futureproof Media. Here’s a little sneaky peek and watch this space, we are aiming for it to be live for our Birthday celebrations at the end of the month x




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